Sunday, June 5, 2011

Quench Not The Spirit

Do not Quench the Spirit. Ephesians 5:19

It is a simple command in our Bible. I found this list of things that could possibly extinguish the Holy Spirit:

  • Love of the world
  • Anger, malice, revenge, unkind and unholy temper, hard thoughts, envy, censorious spirit, harsh language, uncharitable judgement.
  • Worldliness
  • Vanity, pride, love of dress.
  • Idle conversation
  • Selfish ambition, rise in world for purely selfish reasons.
  • Indulging in an improper train of thought.
  • Doubt.
  • Indifference.
  • Drawing attention to self.
  • Indulging carnal lusts and affections.
  • Minding earthly things.
  • Disobeying the Word of God.
  • Neglecting to do good.
  • Doing evil
  • Not being willing to be and do what the Father chose, seeking solutions apart from his leading, treating Him with indifference, disregarding His teachings, ignoring His presence, rejecting His promptings, nullifying His power in your life, taking matters into your own hands, failing to completely yield to him
  • Resisting truth.
  • Grumbling, complaining, murmuring
  • Procrastination
  • Yielding to temptation
  • Refusing to make confession
  • To proud to confess to wrong doing
  • Resenting reproof when it is needed and deserved
  • Indulging a spirit of laziness
  • Resisting holiness.
Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo

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