Thursday, December 1, 2022

Bent Boo AKA Bentley

I don’t come to this little blog very often anymore…. But I thought I should today…. Bentley’s beginning was documented here and I felt it was only right that his sweet little life should be commemorated here. He passed away today. And it is a hard loss. Especially for my daughter. Bentley picked her as his special person. And they were thick as thieves through everything these last 11 plus years. He was very loved.

Bentley Clark Holland
10/6/2011– 12/1/2022 

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Color Analysis

It’s been a year since I had my color analysis done. It was something I had always wanted to do ever since I bought a Color Me Beautiful book at Goodwill in the early 90’s. I thought I would blog about my year of knowing for sure what colors are my best colors. I always thought I was either a winter or an autumn. But when I started a program called Dressing Your Truth, I was truth bombed that I was a type 1 which is basically a spring. I wondered could it be true? 

I went to Tampa, the closest place I could find a consultant. My husband took me for Valentine’s Day. The process was very simple and fun. She put drapes of cloth from the 12 season method around my neck. I was in front of a mirror so I could look and give my opinion as well. I was indeed a spring…, a bright or clear spring to be exact. My colors are very bright and beautiful. I have a neutral undertone leaning warm. But can also pull a few cooler colors. Such as black. 

The above is not my picture but this is my color palette. I feel so happy to have these colors! Although I never really wore anything this bright before my color analysis. 

Now I wear bright and beautiful colors everyday and they make me happy! I do get black and bright navy as colors as well. I do wear them occasionally but find I really love wearing bright  colors more than my neutral colors.

 I have been enjoying sweaters this winter and adding some vintage pins. So would I recommend a color analysis? Yes! Or honestly just follow Dressing Your Truth. I love that program and am a lifestyle member. There is so much content on their website. It is so much fun to watch and learn. 

I have slowly been getting rid of all clothes that are not in my palette. And Replacing them with my bright, warm, and wonderful colors. 

More of my colors from Pinterest.

I say do yourself a favor and research your color palette! You will be happy you did!!!

Amy Joleen