Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Color Analysis

It’s been a year since I had my color analysis done. It was something I had always wanted to do ever since I bought a Color Me Beautiful book at Goodwill in the early 90’s. I thought I would blog about my year of knowing for sure what colors are my best colors. I always thought I was either a winter or an autumn. But when I started a program called Dressing Your Truth, I was truth bombed that I was a type 1 which is basically a spring. I wondered could it be true? 

I went to Tampa, the closest place I could find a consultant. My husband took me for Valentine’s Day. The process was very simple and fun. She put drapes of cloth from the 12 season method around my neck. I was in front of a mirror so I could look and give my opinion as well. I was indeed a spring…, a bright or clear spring to be exact. My colors are very bright and beautiful. I have a neutral undertone leaning warm. But can also pull a few cooler colors. Such as black. 

The above is not my picture but this is my color palette. I feel so happy to have these colors! Although I never really wore anything this bright before my color analysis. 

Now I wear bright and beautiful colors everyday and they make me happy! I do get black and bright navy as colors as well. I do wear them occasionally but find I really love wearing bright  colors more than my neutral colors.

 I have been enjoying sweaters this winter and adding some vintage pins. So would I recommend a color analysis? Yes! Or honestly just follow Dressing Your Truth. I love that program and am a lifestyle member. There is so much content on their website. It is so much fun to watch and learn. 

I have slowly been getting rid of all clothes that are not in my palette. And Replacing them with my bright, warm, and wonderful colors. 

More of my colors from Pinterest.

I say do yourself a favor and research your color palette! You will be happy you did!!!

Amy Joleen