Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vintage Runner Turned Pillow

I have this thing for vintage linens... I don't know what it is about them... I found this poor thing at an antique store, it had holes and some of  the embroidery was not intact, but I fell in love. So I bought it without knowing what I would do with it.
It has beautiful baskets embroidered on it. I decided it would be best as a pillow.
So I bought a pillow form. I no longer try to stuff my own pillows, I can never get the stuffing right and they turn out lumpy!
I cut the runner in half, sewed three sides, added the pillow and hand stitched the top closed. And now I have a pretty pillow for the chair in my room.
I just love this pillow!! It only took a few minutes to transform a table runner into a pillow.  
Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Getting Rid of Plastic

I have been wanting to get rid of all the plastic in my kitchen for a while now. There is a lot of information saying that it is really bad to store food in. It leaches chemicals into our food.  On the bottom of plastic containers there is a number, if you see a number 3 or 7 that is the worst type of plastic.
Because I LOVE vintage house goods I decided I would try to replace all of my plastic with old vintage refrigerator glass. Why not do it in style :) I found this lovely set of vintage pyrex refrigerator glass on ebay. I am going to slowly buy glass to replace all of the plastic. I am throwing it all out or using it to store inedible items such as pens, buttons, small toys, etc.
I read that you should never microwave food in plastic containers as the toxins are heated and transferred to the food. This is not a problem for my family as we don't have a microwave! ( I'll tell more on that later)   I also read you should not use plastic sandwich bags!! Now that is a hard one.  I don't know how I will remedy that. Lastly was deli wrap the article said you should transfer your meats and cheeses to a safe container as soon as possible, as they will start leaching toxins, because they are the cheapest plastics. If you must use plastic look for the number 1.2 and 4 as these are the "safest" of the plastics.

Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Sense of Art in the Kitchen, and Thoughts on Proper Housekeeping Hester Mardel, 1906

A sense of art may be shown in the kitchen as fully as in the studio, and to dread kitchen work or shrink from laundry work or housecleaning is not at all indicative of refined tastes.

The laziest women in the world refuse to work, and they sell themselves for personal ease and luxury and for "pretty things," exactly such as all women admire. But home is a safe shelter for woman's work, and much of it is done in a slipshod, monotonous way because of the fact that "nobody will see or know."

It is a very trite saying that nobody works so hard as the person who works badly, and this particularly applies, I think, to the poor housekeeper. She is always tired, always worked, and with the suffragette movement is now ready to complain over the abuses of women.

I heard a young man say of a woman with whom he boarded in the country that she put a dish of dried peaches on the table before Thanksgiving, and they were set on and off at every meal until New Year's.

This was probably an exaggeration, and yet I have seen women, and this minute know dozens of them, who do set uninviting dishes on and off the table day after day, perhaps in the mistaken idea that it would be wasteful to throw things away. Likely, too, because throwing the stuff away would involve washing the dish.

Women are very prone to take up the idea that they are not able to do certain things. Their excuse is that they do not feel like doing them.

They probably are not aware that in ten minutes they could work off this feeling and be all the better and happier for doing so.

We have the steepest flight of stairs at our house, and I often hear my daughters say, "Oh, mercy, I want something and it's upstairs, I'll try to get along without it!"

This is pure degeneracy in them, and I am sure I "raised" them better. It is a habit, nothing more, this dread of physical effort. Women for a number of years have been growing into the idea that they have a supernal right to everything that is lovely and easy, and there has been a lot of discussion by way of medical advertising which  has fostered the idea in women that she will always do something that will hurt her or cause her to become ill.

Last winter I was in the home of a young couple who have every chance in the world to be happy. The young man knows his business of farming thoroughly, and he is ambitious to have things about him thrifty and pleasant. They have a family of healthy children, but the wife is slattern of the type that will sit all day long with beds unmade and dishes unwashed, reading a novel or working a piece of fancy work.

The man in this case does all that he can, every effort that he can make he makes, and he never reproaches his wife, but one can see how deeply it grieves him.

He says she is not well, that her tastes are too fine for housekeeping, but he knows the plain truth; the woman is lazy and she lacks the moral stamina to overcome it. Now this woman is very religious. She teaches a Sunday school class and is a great churchwoman. I believe she does not know that keeping her house comfortable and decent is a religious duty.

In speaking of proper housekeeping we always refer to orderly rooms and closets and bureau drawers and an immaculate pantry and spotless kitchen. Any woman who has done her own work and reared a family knows that this ideal one that we all try to reach.

It is good to have ideals to attain to; wanting to have a perfectly kept home and being able to keep it perfectly all the time, are two defferent things! Everybody admits the ideal household arrangement, but I believe there is equal misery in striving too hard to approach it and in consciously falling too far below it.

The mother of a household holds a very peculiar position in the world, the most responsible position, I think, that can be held. On her and her mental attitude hinges the destiny of a family. On her depends the atmosphere of a home. I think people pass by homes with scarcely giving a thought of what they really are.

They appeal to me as actual examples for society, and how sorry I feel for them when they have a bad history! How sad I am when I see them falling into neglect with swinging shutters and sagging porches. They seem pathetically to speak of human degeneracy.

Think how often you have seen a pretty farmhouse nestling in trees and looking somehow like the home you have always longed for. But when you have gone in how often you have been disapointed! Perhaps the house was full of bad air or perhaps you found the family far back in the home and you saw evidence that they lived a selfish humdrum, narrow, vegetating sort of life without Christ? Without His guiding hand in the heart of a mother, you may find laziness abounding.

This condition is fatal to a home and the atmosphere of a lazy woman permeates every corner of the household.

The best thing about putting the house in some order every day is  the mental effect upon the woman who does it. She puts her mind in order.

Did you ever notice how irrepressibly happy you feel when the rooms are straightened up and there is something to eat in the house and you "see your way through" with your work?

This uplifting sense comes from your own mental state. You have put yourself in accord with God, for He commands us to do"everything decently and in order."

I hope you enjoyed this vintage article!

Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo

Monday, June 27, 2011

Instant Bridges

It only takes an instant
To catch another's eye
To give a nod or shake a hand
Or share a weary sigh
It's like a tiny ripple
From a pebble in a lake
You can make a big impression
If the time you'll only take
If you can lift another's spirit
Or let them know you understand
What only takes an instant
Builds a bridge from man to man.

Mathew 25:40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Proper Tea Party

"In serving tea, the table should be arranged before any visitors arrive. Its cover may be a linen tea cloth embroidered or trimmed with lace, while the cups and saucers, with the spoon resting in each saucer, the thin slices of lemon, the small wafers, cakes or sandwiches on plates or pretty doilies, should be artistically arranged upon it. The tea kettle should be in its place, the teapot just in front of it. The cream pitcher and sugar bowl should be within convenient reach. If the hostess pours the tea, she allows the guest to put in the sugar and cream for themselves. If she expects many visitors, then there will be wisdom in asking a friend to pour tea for her."

---Ladies Home Journal, 1897

Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wash Day

"They that wash on Monday have all the week to dry;
They that wash on Tuesday are not so much awry;
They that wash on Wednesday are not so much to blame;
They that wash on Thursday wash for shame;
They that wash on Friday wash in need;
And they that wash on Saturday, Oh they're sluts indeed."  -- Robert Hunt

I am so thankful we can wash anytime!

Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo

Friday, June 24, 2011

Etiquette Between Husbands and Wives

Let the rebuke be preceded by a kiss.
Do Not require a request to be repeated.
Never should both be angry at the same time.
Never neglect the other, for all the world beside.
Let each strive to always accomodate the other.
Let the angry be answered only with a kiss.
Bestow your warmest sypathies in each other's trials.
Make your criticism seldom, and in the most loving manner possible.
Make no display of the sacrifices you make for each other.
Never make a remark calculated to bring ridicule upon the other.
Never deceive; confidence, once lost, can never be wholly regained.
Always use the most gentle and loving words when addressing each other.
Let each study what pleasure can be besowed upon the other during the day.
 Always leave home with a tender good-bye and loving words.
--Hills Manual For Social And Business Forms, 1888

Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh The Comfort

Oh the comfort-- the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person.
Having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words,
but pouring them all right out,
just as they are, chaff and grain together;
certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them,
keep what is worth keeping,
and then with the breath of kindness,
blow the rest away.  -- Dinah Maria Murlock Craick, 1866

Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wonderful Chicken Pot Pie

This recipe is super simple and has quickly become a family favorite, I plan on trying to make a whole wheat pie crust soon.... you know when I have time:)


2 9 inch refrigerated pie crusts                           1/2 t. celery flakes
7 oz of chicken                                                  1/4 t. pepper
16 oz can mixed vegetables drained                   1/4 t. poultry seasoning
10 3/4 oz can cream of chicken soup

First I take as many chicken breast as I want and season them with garlic salt and pepper, then I fry them in a little olive oil.  After that I cut them into bite size pieces.
Then I combine the mixed vegetables, cream of chicken, seasonings and chicken.
Then I pour them into the pie shell and top with the other pie shell. Bake in a 400 degree oven for 45 to 50 minutes. ( I double this recipe for my family)  Let stand for 10 minutes....
Then serve and enjoy..... this is also very good warmed in the oven the next day for lunch...
Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Modest Bathing Suit

I counsel thee to buy of me...white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear. Revelation 3:18

When I got home from V.B.S today I found my new swimsuit in the mailbox. I ordered it from I absolutely love it! It fits nicely and it covers nicely.   I am so excited to be able to go out in public without having to go against my convictions, in regards to modesty.
 I know there is a lot of teaching on modesty going on right now, but if there is anything we can learn from the Bible it is how quickly we forget, God's word.  If you look at Joshua 24:14-33 Joshua admonishes the children of Israel to not fall away, and to not serve other gods..... then just one book over in Judges 2:10 one generation later they have forgotten the Lord. So I believe it is so important to constantly talk about biblical issues.  We need to be an example and talk about issues especially considering a lot of us did not even grow up knowing these truths in the first place.  Any hoo not to stay on a soap box..... I hope you check out I don't think you will be disappointed.

Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo

Monday, June 20, 2011

Recipe For A Happy Home

Half a cup of friendship, and a cup of thoughtfulness,
 creamed together with a pinch of powdered tenderness,
very lightly beaten in a bowl of loyalty
with a cup of faith, one of hope, and one of charity,
Be sure to add  a spoonful of gaiety that sings,
 also the ability to laugh at little things.
Moisten with sudden tears of heartfelt sympathy,
bake in a good-natured oven and serve repeatedly.
Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Problem

The problem is that in the end a flesh-and-blood woman cannot compete with the fantasy of the feminine ideal. We always fall short with the messiness of our own bodies.  --- Lilian Calles Barger

Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Birthday

This week was my birthday.... it was a great time. My husband bought me the roses and a gift card for an hour long facial and massage. My good friend Julie bought me this cake and a gift card....(I had this cake for breakfast, so I am running on 220 right now :0)  Thanks Julie :)
My Mom and Dad got me this vintage card, it is so cute.
And these vintage  dish towels..... for some reason one of them didn't upload.
After this one there is a towel that say Food and she is serving him....
My Mother in law and Aunt in law got me this book from Cracker Barrel, this book is really neat. It has a little bit of information on every subject that pertains to homesteading. From gardening to bee keeping to soap making to animal raising.  I really like this book and would recommend it. They had to drive an hour to get it...It was sold out in our area..Thanks ladies....:)

Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo

Thursday, June 16, 2011

If You Would Be A Good Christian

If you would be a good Christian, there is but one way, you must live wholly unto God; and if you would live wholly unto God, you must live according to the wisdom that comes from God; you must act according to right judgments of the nature and value of things; you must live in the  exercise of holy and heavenly affections and use all the gifts of God to His praise and glory.  -- William Law

Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Welcome To The Porch

Well, I thought I would share my front porch with you, it is small and not at all glamorous but I love to sit out on the porch. In the morning its cool and the sun comes up at the back of the house so its shady. In the evening after the sun is past a certain point it is shady again and I like to sit out and listen to the birds and watch the squirrels.....or Levi ride his skateboard or bike.

This is the Front of our ranch style home, my parents built this house. We bought it from them in 2009. I grew up on this property.
This wicker set I got at a thrift store. The skirt and the cover on the cushions are actually crib sheets and a crib dust ruffle, that I picked up at goodwill. I fell in love with these crib sheets and they were only 1.99 for each piece.  I had no idea what I was going to use them for...then the light bulb came on. I love it when that happens:)
My favorite chair...
Our front door, it is solid wood and we just had it  refinished.
Lastly my concrete chicken... I got this at an antique store. She is so cute.... Well,that's  my little front porch......

 Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Chair Make Over

A few months ago I went to Goodwill on one of my early morning trips, When I happened upon the ugliest, yet cutest chair.....

Now I warned you! It is ugly yet cute.....I thought to myself it is so small and comfortable, maybe I can transform it. For 14.99 if it doesn't work out I can suffer the loss...
I went on ebay and found these darling curtains for 20.00. I bought them to recover the chair. I have to admit though when they arrived I was having a hard time thinking about cutting them. They were in mint condition. But at last  the chair prevailed and I cut them.....
I painted the chair first. Then I recovered the cushions. Next I took off the old skirt and replicated it, using the curtain fabric.  Lastly I took an old slip that had came apart and used the bottom of it to make a longer skirt... I just love the way it turned out.
 So here it is! The ugly, now cute chair.... What do you think?
Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo

Monday, June 13, 2011

My New Tote Purse!!

I am so excited I finished my project... I saw this over at Bella's Rose Cottage and had to give it a try... So....
I went to Michael's and got this bag...
And then I bought this graphic off etsy and printed it and ironed it on...
I found the lace ribbon and flower at Joann Fabrics...
Then I hand sewed the lace on and then the ribbon....
I put the flower on with a safety pin, then I hand sewed the vintage earring on... I got the pair at Goodwill for .99 cents.
Wa-La a beautiful bag, that was so fun to make. I will be making another one this weekend, my daughter put her order in :)!

Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Thought On Modesty

Let a single intention to please God prescribe both what clothing you shall buy, and the manner wherein it shall be made, and how you shall put on and wear it. To express the same thing in other words: Let all you do, in this respect, be so done that you may offer it to God, a sacrifice acceptable through Christ Jesus; so that, consequently, it may increase your reward and brighten your crown in heaven. And so it will do, if it be agreeable to Christian humility, seriousness, and charity.  -- John Wesley

Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo

Saturday, June 11, 2011

God, give each true good woman

God, give each true, good woman
Her own, small house to keep --
No heart should ache with longing--
No hurt should go to deep--
Guard her age-old desire--
A house to love and sweep.

Give her a man beside her.
A kind man -- and a true--
And let them work together
And love-- a lifetime through.
And let her mother children
As gentle women do.

Give her a shelf for dishes,
And a shining box for bread,
A white cloth for her table,
And a white spread for her bed.
A shaded lamp at nightfall,
And a row of books much read.

God, let her work with laughter,
And let her rest with sleep;
No life can truly offer
A peace more sure and deep--
God, give each true good woman
Her own small house to keep.
--Grace Noel Crowell

Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Quote On Feminine Dress

Why do women want to dress like men when they're fortunate enough to be women? Why lose femininity, which is one of our greatest charms? We get more accomplished by being charming than we we would by flaunting around in pants and smoking. I'm very fond of men, I think they are wonderful creatures. I love them dearly. But I don't want to look like one. When women gave up there long skirts, they made a grave error........ -- Tasha Tudor

Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo