Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Time Just Goes

It's been a while.... Last time we spoke it was the end of 2017! Life is busy and I know yours is as busy as mine. I decided to put these beautiful hat boxes where the Christmas tree once was.

We've had some really cold weather for Florida this year. I've really .. but now I'm enjoying our spring temperatures. Cold weather is hard on Floridians. 

I put away all of the Christmas things right away as I don't like them to linger.

I squeezed in a little antique shopping after the holidays were over. I went with my mom and sister.This was one of the booths.

I found this beautiful old cookie jar....

And this gorgeous doll. 

She's like us with a few cracks and chips that have happened from years of life and love, but she's all the more beautiful because of them.

Today is Valentine's Day... the second Valentine's in Winona Cottage. We do really love our little home. Happy Valentine's!
Amy Jo