Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh For the Love of Aprons!

As a child I grew up watching Leave it to Beaver, Andy Griffith and The Waltons. The Waltons was my favorite show. I remember thinking how there life was perfect. Shouldn't every mother and grandmother be in the kitchen wearing aprons and cooking and baking for their children?  I loved how the women looked so feminine all of the time, even when doing hard work. They just threw on an apron and went to work. I love aprons. I think everyone of them has a tale to tell. I collect them and use them. When I find one,  I like to think about the woman who sewed it and create my own vision of that person. I have quite a collection of aprons. My mom even bought me a book on aprons. It is called the Apron Book. This book is really great.
In the book the writer says " How did aprons go from being an indispensable part of a woman's workday wardrobe to an American icon to a sweet scrap of collectible nostalgia to one of the hottest sew-crafting trends going? The short answer is that unlike other clothing trends, the apron has always had a basic job to do. No amount of progress or technological advancement or fickle fashion tastes can change the fact that an apron has always been the best, most commonsensical  means of covering up and protecting our clothes from grime."
This apron is my favorite one, out of the the many that I have. It is made from bark cloth and has a towel sewed on it. As you can see it gets a lot of use. My Mom bought this for me for my 30th birthday.(several years ago:) There are so many wonderful aprons out there. You can pick them up at antique stores, thrift stores, and yard sales. The general price range in our area is anywhere from $5.00 to $65.00. This is a relatively cheap collectible and it is so fun to collect.  They are such a neat part of homemaking history!

Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo

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