Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sweet Trinkets

It has been raining and tornado warnings have been issued today...So it is just a day to hang out inside. I found this Josef Original named Nannette at an Antique store last weekend. I have never seen one like it...I thought she was so pretty.

I told my Mom that I liked these salt and pepper shakers and she gave them to me. They are so cute aren't they?

They look so cute on our mantle. Thanks Mom!  I have had  some beautiful things given to  me and I am going to share those with you soon. I hope you are having a good weekend....Until next time...

Amy Jo


  1. Your a lucky lady with your pretties.
    Have a great Sunday.

  2. Those salt and pepper shakers are wonderful, what a great gift from your mum. Have a great day.

  3. Hi Amy Jo,

    Oh my I love those Salt and Peppers how cute are they ! and what a sweet gift from your mama to be treasured for years to come !

    Hugs and Blessings

  4. Hi Amy Jo... my mum had similar salt and pepper shakers when we were little. Ours had pretty pink dresses with "Give us our daily bread" too.

    Love your treasures. :)

  5. Amy Jo,
    I love that Joseph bust and I have never seen one in the joseph line before, great find! The salt and pepper shakers are pretty cute too:)
    Love Ya,
    Aunt Teresa

  6. I love Nannette! Did your iphone go off Saturday with a warning from the national weather service to "Take cover" Scared the tar out of me!
    Thank you for cheering me on with the Flea! I hope you can make it and bring 698.5 of your closest friends along lol!


  7. The Nannette is gorgeous and I love those salt and pepper shakers too. Thanks for coming by for my anniversary and the give away. Since you are a no reply blogger just wanted to let you know you are in the giveaway and good luck. Have a great day.

  8. Amy Jo: You are right! She is really a pretty one. Cute S&P shakers too. Can't wait to see your gifts. Thanks for your kind words to me. I really appreciate them..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  9. Nannette is gorgeous...she has such beautiful luster. Love the sweet s & p shakers, too! I love lots of cute things to make our homes special! Enjoy your afternoon my friend! Hugs!

  10. Hello Amy Jo. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. I am now following your blog. Your mantle looks lovely with you cherished treasures. Creative Bliss...

  11. Hi Amy Jo,
    Just send me your address for the giveaway and I will get yours out in the mail tomorrow. Thanks so much.

  12. Sweet treasures! Hope you're experiencing better weather now:)


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