Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shopping for a Bargain

I am a huge fan of Dave Ramsey and Jim Sammons. They teach on debt free living and honoring God with your finances.  Over the past 3 years we have done a major overhaul to the way we view our finances and the way we use every penny God entrusts to us. We still struggle with some principles, but we can testify that it is way easier on the conscience when you do not have huge bills looming over your head and you can know you are doing everything in your power to follow God's principles. With that said,on to my story....

Our couch was not doing so well, it had a few holes from wear and it wasn't even to old. We had only had it 4 years. (We bought it new, before our money makeover) So my husband gave me a budget and said find some new furniture.... I could have bought a new sofa with the money he allotted, but I decided to start looking for used. I looked for several months. I looked at used furniture stores and I watched Craigslist everyday or two. Finally the deal came up that I had been waiting on!

For four hundred dollars we bought this sofa, coffee table, end table,
this chaise chair lounger,
TV armoir,
fireplace screen,
and this picture!! We were so happy with our purchase. The picture and the fireplace screen I am relisting on craigslist, because it isn't my style. So Lord willing, we will actually get some of  our money back and we will have spent less money! The neatest part is the lounge chair is in the exact fabric of the chair we already had so it is still a matching set! Yay, bargain shopping!
Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo


  1. We need new living room furniture but buying used is scary....bed bugs are on a rampage! How did you shop carefully?

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    It can be scary to buy used.... Living in Orlando gives you a lot of options. One thing is there are a lot of upper class people who change their furniture alot! I would only buy from a pet free owner. The person we got our furniture from was one single lady. She had no pets and had a very clean home. Now I understand that bed bugs are not really about cleanliness. I have read on the internet about them. I haven't heard much about them in our area though.... you can know if bed bugs are in a bed by looking for dots or specks near the head of the bed. I'm guessing you could look at the furniture and check the same way. Then you could have it cleaned or sit it in the sunshine for several hours to kill bacteria and germs. Have a blessed day and thank you for your comment.
    Amy Jo :)

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    I am a great beliver in buying used furniture where possible. This helps the planet and saves me money.
    In my family we swap furniture between the generations == when a grandchild leaves home we all contribute to setting them up..
    Works well.
    We do this with clothes as well.
    I love the furniture you bought and the fact you got a matching piece is terrific.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  4. Hello Amy-Jo,
    Thank you for joining my LACE meme-it's nice to meet you!
    I think you have bought some beautiful furniture there!
    Your lounge is very pretty and I love the white painted pieces.
    I'd say you got a good bargain :-)
    Well done!


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