Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Steinhatchee Home

I have been telling y'all that I have been very busy and traveling a lot. Well the reason I have been doing that is this. I told you in this post about a piece of property we bought in Steinhatchee, FL. We have been going there for years and my parents own a place there. I had contacted the elderly gentleman next door. I noticed they had not been up in years. Their place was literally falling apart. So I wrote him a letter letting him know that my parents were his next door vacation neighbors. And we were interested
 in buying his place.
 He called me and let me know that he would think about it. Well long story short he sold it to us for a really great price. And he removed the old mobile home off of it and everything.  We were left with a blank piece of property. We thought we would eventually build a small cottage or put a mobile home back on it.

When our friend said he was selling his little mobile home, because he had bought a house, we decided to go look at it. We struck a deal and we had it moved to the property. Their was a lot of work to be done on the home. We didn't realize that the windows had been leaking. So we got my Dad to fix all of the leaks and replace the floors with these beautiful laminate wood floors. Some of the walls were soft so Dad fixed the wood in the walls and he put bead board on the damaged walls. It looks so nice. I almost wish all of the walls were bead board.

Now this is a work in progress....So the pictures I am showing are of just the beginning. As I go I will show you the progress. It has already gotten better than what I am showing. I just wanted to show you the first weekend we started moving stuff in.

This is the room Levi will be sleeping in. When guests come he will sleep on the pull out sofa. That valance was an original to the mobile home. Kevin (son-in-law) named it moldiqua because he said it looks like mold. LOL He actually got out of bed to check and make sure it wasn't. haha I know the bedding is feminine but it is what I have. I am looking for something boyish and nautical for it. This bed is the bed my Granny was born on. So it is a treasure to me. I believe it is from between 1910 to 1925. Not sure exactly. I am also looking to change out moldiqua.

Now this is a treasure I found at Goodwill for $200.00 it was the complete bed. Headboard footboard and side rails. It was in perfect condition, BUT you know I love painted furniture. So....

She got a paint job. In the palest of pinks! I love how it turned out.

I put on some new Rachel Ashwell shabby pink sheets and Vintage Ralph Lauren bedding.

Wa La my favorite thing so far! As you can see I still have painting to do on the window trim.

And all around the room...but shhhh don't tell hubby,he thinks it is fine as is. I won't stress him with it. While he is out fishing I will work on it. I know this post was long, but I wanted y'all to know where I have been and what all of the traveling was about. Now I will be posting often on the changes of our little get away. I hope you stick around to see all of the changes.

Amy Jo

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cedar Side Laundry Room

Yay I can finally upload pictures!! I have tried every day and finally today I could do it!!!
I thought I would show you my laundry room that I redid and never got around to showing you. I was playing around with picmonkey a little bit too. So excuse some of the different borders... that app is so fun.

So back to the laundry room. I love how it turned out with the white bead board on the walls all the way to the ceiling.

I got this vintage tissue holder and I decided to use it in my laundry room as a dryer sheet keeper. It is very handy and cute too (wink).

My bookshelf filled with all of my supplies for soap making. As well as all of the little extra stain treatments and such. What do you think of the 1950's duck lamp? It is a favorite of mine.

On top of the freezer I have this old tole tray, a sweet little bucket and more supplies.

I love this Christy Repasy Painting. So cute for the laundry room.

My hat display I bought from Carol at the Polka Dot Closet with a favorite hat.

It is one of the rooms that we spend so much time in every day, I think it should be pretty and make you feel as happy as possible. Of course that means different things to different people. These things make me smile.
A very sweet vintage baby dress.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of a room I spend a LOT of time in....

I am so glad to be back in the loop my dear blogging friends.

Until Next Time,
Amy Jo

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I Can't Upload Pictures....

cutesy 1950's housewife
I have been trying to prepare a post and for some reason blogger will let me get the attachment and then when I push the button to upload it freezes. Wahhh! I hate when things like this happen! As soon as it is fixed I will post.

 I do hope all of you are having a lovely summer.... It seems to be flying right by. Today I am just enjoying being home for a change. I have put 4500 miles on my car since June 18th.... That is a lot of driving! Today I am cleaning and just rearranging things.... washing laundry, and all manner of house hold things. Blessings and love to you all.

Amy Jo

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Sweet Cherry Apron

Look what I received in the mail yesterday, the cutest package!

I ordered an apron from Vintage Grey.... The wrapping was so cute I had to take pictures to show you.

Such a clever tag.

With a typed message on a doily...

And then the apron.... Isn't it so sweet? I don't think you can tell in the picture but this is a pale pink fabric. I love the contrast with the red.

And the cherries... I just love everything about them! If you haven't looked at her blog you should she has the most adorable handmade things.

I was out of town again for the last five days and now I am home...but only for two days and then I am gone again for a few days. This summer has been go go go....  I have accomplished a lot but I haven't really got to do the things I had planned with Levi. This weekend is scalloping. I know he will love that. He always does. Time is flying by.... The days seem so fleeting. I am now on Instagram amyjoleen76, if you would like to find me and follow me you can see what I am up to. Until the next time....

Amy Jo

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!!!

Here's to celebrating the wonderful birth of our beloved country! I am so thankful to God for the U.S.A. and for all of our amazing forefathers. May God continue His blessings on this nation and call us all back to a deeper and truer walk with Him.

I hope your day is amazing.... I will be back to blogging Tuesday.

Amy Jo

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My North Carolina Finds and a Birthday Gift

Look at this set of beautiful vintage pink silver ware!! This was my birthday gift from my sister. I have wanted some of these for a very long time but every time I found them they were way to expensive...well imagine my surprise when I was in North Carolina and my sister put this on instagram with the message it was for me!!! Yay! I was so excited. Especially since everyone else forgot my birthday...including my husband. Yes these things happen. LOL

Don't worry ladies I treated myself to a few treasures.... One being this vintage tole tray that is now in my laundry room.

I have had these plates for a while but have never shown them to you. I got them for $3.00 each. Aren't they pretty?

Now this is my favorite find in North Carolina. I got it at a shop called High Cotton Consignment in Fayetteville. It is so pretty to me...I have already worn it a few times. I got a few other things but nothing note worthy. We had so much fun going around and finding is always my favorite thing to do.... I have been up to other things too.... I will show these in my next post.

Amy Jo