Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Cottage Shelf For The Bathroom

This week I have been working on a few projects. One was this shelf which was painted tobacco Brown.....ewwww. After a few coats of Old White..... it is like new!

I love it with my floral collection on it! It's hanging in our bathroom. This is only the second thing I have done in there since we remodeled.;...I am slow. I think it  adds just the right cottage flair...

I hope you are all blessed today.

Amy Jo

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Levi's First Day and A Closing

We made a decision to put Levi in a Christian school.....Savanah graduated a couple of years back and he was tired of being an only child at home all day....He asked if he could go.

So Monday was his 1st day. He is loving it so far.... I hope it stays that way as they really push the kids....

In other news I have decided to close my booth at the antique mall. Although I was selling a lot of stuff, I was not making as good as I would have liked. The owner was discounting everything without permission. Even when firm was written. So I decided to leave instead of causing a scene.... Maybe one day I will try again....but it will be a while.  So what will I be doing without a booth and no homeschooling? Well we still have a septic business to run and I still have a home to clean....and I have a lot of projects in this house I want to do.....Not to mention a wedding to plan!  So I still have plenty of things to do...:)

Amy Jo

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Summary of Our Summer

This summer started off pretty happily with the purchase of this piece of property in Steinhachee, Florida. We have been looking for years for a piece of property since we go many times every year. All the property was pretty pricey. But I wrote to the man that owned a piece next to my parents get away home and he said he would sell it to us. He offered it way cheaper than we could believe.
As I mentioned before my daughter got engaged and the date is February 15, 2014.

Levi did lots of fishing...

My nephew got baptized in our pool..... This was a happy day.

Although I haven't done very much shopping this summer, I did find a few good things at goodwill. I got this trash can and it was plain. I put a waterslide decal on it and it is going in my laundry room with all of my dressforms.

I found this beautiful comforter at goodwill as well. I plan on using it when my daughter is married and I redo her room into a guest room.

You all know my weekness for old books.... and I found two of these vintage books at good will.

Uncle Authors Bible Book. It has copyrights from 1953.

This has been a strange summer in many ways. With such a mixture of good and bad. We have had near death experiences in the family as well as an actual death.... We have been reminded of the shortness of life.....And you only have one life....We were reminded to live life accordingly....God first, family second, yourself last....that's a little saying we learned at church years ago. And I am reminded that people are the most important thing of all. Hug somebody you love and remind them what they mean to you.

Amy Jo

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Very Sad Time

Please pray for my nephews at this time. There Dad has passed away in a freak accident. It has left us all in shock and sadness..... and it leaves you to wonder how does a boy say good bye to his father?

This post is dedicated to you Brian Vickers who was like a real brother, not just an in-law.  You were a great father.... and you are always with us when we look at your two boys. I know they were your ultimate pride and joy....


Brian Douglas Vickers

August 24, 1971


August 4, 2013