Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Wow, has the month of December flew by!

The decorating this year seemed like it was in slow motion but every thing else was so quick.

I decided to put all of my green balls with the roses on the dining table. I really liked how they looked.

They were really pretty all together.
I only had pink and white on the tree this year.

I used my tree skirt that I got at good will earlier in the year.

These little mice were so darling. They were at Jo -Annes unfortunately I only got three of them because they were already sold out.

One of my favorites from A Gathering Place.

Lastly my bedroom tree. I love having the tree beside us....it is so pretty. But now it is all packed away for another year....I can hardly believe it's over.... I hope each one of you have a very safe New Year! I pray that God blesses you and keeps you safe.
Love to all of you,
Amy Jo

Friday, December 13, 2013

Vintage Santa

It has been a while since I posted... Christmas has been taking up quite a bit of time. I have been having so much fun playing with all of my décor.

As you know I don't really do very much red these days....but when my Mom was going through her Christmas stuff and passing it out to me and my sister, this jolly Santa was the one thing I really wanted. He reminds me of days gone by and really happy Christmases.

He is so cute! I then dug out this old Hollie Hobbie Christmas book and this vintage Santa apron.  A little vignette was born. ta da!

I will be baking and cleaning and preparing this week for our annual Christmas party...I am so excited!!  I can't wait to show you some of my other décor....Until then..

Merry Christmas,
Amy Jo

Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's Beginning.....

to look a lot like Christmas!

This is the pillow I bought from A Gathering Place last year... I love this pillow.

My stocking is hung...

The Angel's are watching over..  last year's Goodwill find.

This is the pillow I got this year from Rebecca at A Gathering Place...

It is just the perfect size for my little child's chair.... I love the darling little Angels. And the vintage little trims... I am thinking about painting this chair. What do you think?
I still have a lot to do and it seems time is just flying by.... I am loving every minute though!
Holiday Happiness,
Amy Jo

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Weekend

We started off the weekend with a bang...Kevin got this 6 point buck. We have a lot of deer meat. Frank has killed one and so has Levi and now Kevin. So the freezer is full.

My sister, Cody and Sophia.

Savanah and Kevin

My sister with her three children.


Cody and Savanah, the two oldest cousins.

Since the boys lost their dad in August his brother wanted to be there for them this Thanksgiving....

Getting the rolls ready.

A few games.

Cody and Kayleigh

Frank, Levi and Dad.

Sophia and Emily

Mom and Daughter

Grandparents and Grandchildren.

The whole family.

Savanah and Kevin... only 2 months until their wedding.... We had a very good time and lots of good food..... Now it is time to get serious about Christmas.
Amy Jo