Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Christmas came and went so quickly. 

It was a very quiet Christmas this year... we didn't host our annual Christmas party. 
We may do it next year... 

But we will wait and see... 
I still did a few decorations and two small trees. 

Now it's time to pack it all away until next time.
My favorite tree 

My husband got me a Jeep for Christmas! It will be perfect for the dirt roads.
Levi got a shotgun for Christmas and he got his 

drivers license . Let's just say I'm on pins and needles. 
Now it's time to get busy and put everything away. 

Amy Jo

Saturday, December 16, 2017

November Blessings

Let me start off by saying Happy Holidays! Since I didn't post for Thanksgiving at all and now we are only nine days away from Christmas! 
It's been a very busy season for us. We haven't even begun our Christmas shopping. I will probably start today. 
We finally have some cold weather that I can enjoy wearing sweaters. We don't like it to cold though, we Floridians are not used to the cold. 
My son went to his first homecoming and got so sick he called us after only being there an hour. He had strep throat! It came back a second time after the first round of antibiotics so I did some research and found that you can cure it naturally. And that is what we did. The second antibiotic had very dangerous side effects. I couldn't believe after only 2 days of natural treatment he was having no throat pain at all. I am very thankful for that.

My husband and son.

This little pot is a recent find. I haven't had a lot of time to go to thrift stores lately.

But I did find this beauty on eBay last month. And for a really cheap price.

I also found this pretty April Cornell dress on EBay. It's really feminine and very light weight. You can really find some great things on eBay!
My daughter came for Thanksgiving! Her visits always brings me great joy. We had so much fun. She won't be home for Christmas so I'm very thankful for the time we had together.
We went to my parents for Thanksgiving and there was a real star of the show. My great nephew Carson. What a happy and sweet boy he is! This is my mom holding him. 
Being a star is exhausting and you have to get your Beauty sleep.

Levi celebrated his 15th birthday 🎉 
Now he will be able to drive 😱 With a parent of course. But it's a little scary on all of these two lane country roads. I'm praying for safety. I'm getting a little long winded, I better close for now. I will do another update soon. 

Love and safety during the holidays 
Amy Jo💕