Thursday, April 2, 2015

March Randomness

March was an absolutely beautiful month! The dogwood trees have been blooming and I can't think of any thing prettier!

I passed this cottage in downtown Orlando and thought it was so cute. I of course had to stop and take a picture.

We had a birthday girl this month. She turned 22! I can't believe all of this time has gone by... 

Savanah with her cousin Elizabeth.

I bought these for her birthday table. They smelled so good!

Kevin said she needed to tote him home... he may have eaten a bit to much.

Pink with sparkle! My favorite.

A dress I bought at Target. It is so comfortable and really a great price.

This dress I got from Gertrude Made. She has a website or you can find her on Instagram. It is made out of Bark cloth which I love. My husband does not like this dress though.

Spring shoes.... Van's to be exact. We went in to buy socks for my nephew and I came out with these.... I couldn't pass them up.

Vintage pink clock on my side table and it works!

I found these to add to my ever growing cottage collection.

and lastly I've been baking. I had cupcakes on my mind. So I thought why not?

Chocolate Yumminess!

That was March and now it is on to the beautiful month of April.

Amy Jo