Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Summer 2020

Sweet summer time!! We are plugging along in this strange world... it’s been one thing and another all of 2020. There hasn’t been so much sunshine this year.. and I mean that figuratively.  We have had plenty of real sunshine... I mean this is after all the sunshine state. 

On July 24th my husband’s dad passed away suddenly without expecting that anything was wrong. He went to the convenient store walked outside talked to a friend a few minutes walked to his truck and just slipped away.... just like that. In some ways that was a blessing. He didn’t suffer. He wasn’t ever a burden to anyone. He was just gone. I think I would be happy if I get to leave this world in such a way. He will be missed. 

I found this pretty dress at Target last month. It’s so comfortable and has a soft fabric that is just wonderful. 

Target always has the most beautiful things. At such affordable prices. The flip flops I’m wearing don’t look like much but they are so comfortable!! I have had some foot problems lately and I was looking for a comfortable flip flop with arch support and found these Archies. They are made by a podiatrist in Australia. I now have 3 pairs and wear them everywhere. My feet haven’t hurt since owning them. I can’t stand closed toed shoes unless it’s cold outside and that’s not to often here. 

Hubby bought me this beautiful luggage and I’ve been so happy with it. We have went on several trips since getting it and I have loved the lightweight feeling of it and the organization it offers. It’s called AWAY luggage, if you are interested.

In other news I have been eating more of a plant based diet lately... and so far so good. I’ve been enjoying it. A really good book on the subject is called the Starch Solution. I haven’t finished it yet but so far it’s been enlightening.  

I have been sautéing veggies in vegetable broth and they are so yummy. Eating baked potatoes and squash, corn, beans and rice... and it’s all so good!! I’ve also been making a delicious green smoothie. I still haven’t given up chocolate which I realize is the worse thing about my diet. If I can eliminate that... I will be doing good. I’m on my way to elimination... ha!

This book was recommended by a friend. I can’t wait to try some recipes out of it. Speaking of recipes, it’s time for dinner!! Until next time,

Amy Joleen 

Friday, May 8, 2020

Spring Update Quarantine Edition

Good Morning Friends!  I have been trying to incorporate more green drinks into our lives here at the cottage. Everyone gladly drinks them for their health. Celery juice is a hard drink to drink at first,  but with time you almost crave it. (Almost)

I have been trying to  work on my health. So there isn’t  to many blueberry muffins that are getting eaten by me. I still make Frank and Levi all of their favorites. I’m finding as I get older it’s harder and harder to maintain a decent weight. Do any of you find that as well?

So I go along trying one thing and another. I’ve came to the conclusion that I must stick to something for 6 weeks to see if it’s working for me. I will let you know if what I’ve just started works for me. Until then I won’t share the details.

The weather has been the prettiest I’ve seen in a long time. Temperatures are lower than normal. And it’s been breezy. We are enjoying it so much!

We sit out on the porch most evenings. We’ve been listening to the Unashamed Podcast by Phil and Al Robertson. It’s really good. They talk about the Bible and what’s going on in the world. We have found it interesting.

With quarantine Easter was just another day. No family celebration, no church service..,, I hope it’s the only Easter I ever have like that. 

Savanah still got dressed up. 

I wore a pretty blouse but not to dressed up.

Until next time,

I hope you are enjoying the fabulous spring weather.  

Amy Joleen 

Monday, February 10, 2020

What I Wore 2019 Part 2

Happy Monday!! I decided to get back to updating the tiny neglected blog. So I’ll get to it. This was a dress I got from Stitch Fix and paired with a Loft sweater. I wore this for my birthday dinner. My 29th Birthday dinner. What you don’t believe me?

I told you!! The waiter obviously thought this was funny. I told him he was my favorite waiter of all time.

This beautiful blazer I got at an antique mall. It’s vintage and I really love it! I wore it to church.

This over sweater is from ModCloth. I got it on clearance and I will definitely wear it again this spring.

A friend from Instagram sent me these lovely earrings as a gift. They are handmade.

Another Lularoe dress. I’m telling you they are the best!

This dress is from Amazon. They are really inexpensive and comfortable. I think they are around $25 The kimono is from?? You guessed it. Lularoe 💕

A bright spring dress from ModCloth. Another clearance sell. 

Another Lularoe... I guess I’m obsessed.

The Cuff is from Mothercuffer. I wear a lot of cuffs. I love words and I think they are pretty special since they are handmade. 

This is a Lily Pulitzer skirt and Chico’s chambray top. 

And believe it or not that was all of the outfit pictures I took for 2019. I wore a lot more pants this year and I have realized that mostly they are very uninspiring to me. I love dresses and skirts, but mostly skirts. And truly maxi skirts. My legs are not fabulous and I really don’t like showing them off.  I will continue tweaking what I love this year and finding what I feel is best for me as I continue on. I’ll keep you all updated on my not so mainstream clothing journey. If I don’t like it after I wear it, I give it away or sell it to the consignment shop. So some things you have seen may already be history. Others I’ll try to rewear and find ways to use them that make me happy. If they don’t work out it’s no love loss for me I try to get the item to someone who will love it. 

Amy Joleen 

Thursday, February 6, 2020

What I Wore 2019

Today I thought I would share some of my favorite outfit combinations from this past year.  This sweater is a beautiful chocolate brown and the blouse has a lovely ruffled front. Both of these pieces are thrifted.

This is a beautiful apron my lovely friend bought me. I still wear aprons every day.

This blouse is very beautiful. It is from Target.

The cutest shoes! Who doesn’t like bacon and eggs??

This outfit was completely thrifted.

Last Summer  this is a lularoe skirt. The kimono is from Amazon.

My daughter always tells me I look like Anne Hathaway... I see a tiny resemblance. If only I had her beautiful figure 🤣

This was after my daughter did my hair.

Another summer outfit. 

A church dress I got from Lularoe.

The shirt from the first picture worn in summer with a pink lularoe kimono.

Beautiful scarf my daughter gave me.

This is another lularoe dress! Their dresses are so comfortable and you can dress them up or dress them down. If you haven’t tried them you should. This post is getting long so I will break 2019’s what I wore into several posts. 
Amy Joleen

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Catching Up

We bought Disney passes in 2019.   But they have been such a disappointment. They no longer put any limit on the number of people that enter the park every day. And let me tell you, It’s CROWDED!! Some days  it’s 2.5 hours to wait on one ride. We have only ridden a few rides the entire time we’ve had the passes. 

We have seen a couple of shows in a years time... it’s know longer the happiest place... it’s the most frustrating. We feel like it was a total waste   of money.


This was Epcot. It was so hot this day. And very crowded.

I’m hoping to get a few more visits in before our passes expire. As we will never repurchase them. We will stick to watching the movies.

Levi went on his first flight 

All the way to...

Washington DC! He went with his school and had a great time. 

It was a great experience for him. 

He decided not to go on the school trip to New York City this year. It was his decision as we left it up to him. 

Levi is in his Jr year of high school... so only one more year left. 

It will take several posts to document last year... until next time.
Amy Joleen