Monday, April 30, 2012

What I Did With My Fancy Flea Finds

I had been wanting a hat stand to display my vintage hats on. So when I went to the Fancy Flea, I was on the hunt. When I saw these hat stands it was love at first site...
I just adore how my hats look on them. It was like they were made for each other.
I moved one of the bride dolls to my nightstand. So my little car would look good parked there.
It is so fun when you get new finds. You have to adjust, and move something here and something there. A few days later you may have to do it again.... Until it is just right. How do you know it is just right? When you get that feeling... you know the one...that just right feeling...:)

I wore my broken china necklace today... I love this necklace... It makes my old clothes feel new!

Don't forget I am having a give away! These are some little treasures I bought at the Fancy Flea for one of you. I told you all about it in my last post. All you have to do is leave a comment. I will draw a name on Wednesday. I hope you win....

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Amy Jo

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fancy Flea 2012

This morning I got up and got all ready for the Fancy Flea. Everyone that was supposed to come cancelled except one person. So it was just Valerie  and I. But we were not deterred....

Isn't this chandelier gorgeous?

I loved this booth! Cracked Up Jewelry. She takes broken china and makes it into jewelry.

A lot of you know the Polka Dot Closet Blog... Well here is Carol at the Fancy Flea.

She is so sweet in person... I bought several things from her. I could have taken it all home. Lovely booth.

The day was fabulous. After we left we decided to drive around the historic part of town. We spotted this beautiful swan. She never left her nest as she continued to reach for nesting material. It was so pretty in Lakeland.
I got a few goodies. You didn't think I came home empty handed did you? I got this hat stand from the Polka Dot Closet.

Another hat stand I got from the Polka Dot Closet.

This little car was so cute. So I drove it home with me..

I got this table for my dining room.

This dress is from Paris Rags. I love all of her stuff. 

This is what I bought from Cracked Up Jewelry.

Two pillows I couldn't pass up.... We had a fab time! We walked and talked with vendors. I recognized a few from when my Mom and I had an antique booth. It was FUN... I wish you could have came.... But, since you couldn't... I brought you back a little something!
This is what I brought back for one of you.... You get an adorable little Boyd's Bear, a vintage sachet filled with lavender and vanilla (from the Polka Dot Closet), two amazing smelling soaps, and my personal favorite... 

 A vintage inspired bottle cap necklace.... All you have to do is leave a comment in the comment section and I will draw a name. That's it easy peasy. The give away will close Wednesday. Soooo I hope you win.  

Love to you all,
Amy Jo

Friday, April 27, 2012

I Won An Award!! Twice!!

Guess what? I won an award! The Liebster Blog award! I have been nominated twice in just a few hours....!! Judy at the gold country cottage nominated me! Thank you so much Judy! She always has kind comments and her blog is so beautiful. You will want to visit her over at her little corner of the world, where she shares about her life with the "Captain" and all that they do.

The second person to award me this award, is Glenys over at morning cuppas. She is from Australia... and shares her heart as an older Titus 2 and Proverbs 31 woman. Her blog is filled with inspiration and encouragement. I know many of you will enjoy meeting her! (so to speak) Thank you so much Glenys! It is such an honor! Visit Glenys at

The rules of this little award is you have to bestow it on five more bloggers with less than 200 followers.  I enjoy both of the above blogs and many others...So many blogs have more than 200 followers. I wish I could give the award to all of my favorites but only five. Also many blogs are award free.

I would like to give the Liebster award to.....

I always enjoy Mara. She has a very sweet spirit.

This is Betsy Anne's blog. It is so cute! It is cheerful and bright. Pop over and give her a visit.

Elisabeth just changed her blog.This is her new one. I have enjoyed her posts a lot.

I love this blog. She wrote a childrens book that she is in the process of having published.

And lastly but not leastly(is this a word?) Susie the homemaker. I enjoy her blog and sweet style. Congratulations ladies!

O.K. ladies, I am off to the Fancy Flea first thing in the morning.... I am excited.. Don't be sad if you can't come. I'm bringing you something back.... See you after the Flea :)

Amy Jo

Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Landscaping

When we bought my childhood home 2 and 1/2 years ago from my parents, my husband said we would do a home improvement project every six months. So we have been plugging along.... I get to decide what the project will be. For this project I decided on gutters and landscaping. So we had the gutters installed the week before Easter. This week the landscaping got done.... Yeah!
My husband doing the prep work.
This is our neighbor Justin on the left and my husband on the right. They are installing the weed barrier. They completed this project in two evenings.
They planted two gardenia trees....heavenly scent.


I have forgotten the name of this vining plant... we put this next to my jasmine and I am hoping they will intertwine and be beautiful...fingers crossed.


We planted two climbing roses and fourteen knockout roses.
Everything we planted blooms. I am so happy with it. It is so funny though, it seems the more we do the more we need to do... Do you know what I mean? I am hoping to get better pictures later. Our house is so long it is difficult to get one shot.  I am getting so excited for the weekend. The Fancy Flea is THIS weekend....EEEK.. I have been waiting for months. I hope it doesn't dissapoint. And, I am going to pick something up for one of you!.... so stay tuned.

Amy Jo

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lots of Field Trips....

We are winding down the school year, so there has really been a push to get in some field trips while they are available. Most of the groups do not offer much over the summer. Levi and I had read some of The Box Car Children books, and when we saw this field trip was available, it was a must see. This play did not disappoint. The actors did a wonderful job. If you get the opportunity to see this, we would recommend it!

Monday we went to "Titanic the Experience". This is a really neat museum. They would not allow us to take any photos. I was really bummed because I wanted you all to be able to see everything too. If you come to Orlando and you like history, you will want to come to this attraction and make sure you get the tour guide. They walk you through and tell step by step what happened. From boarding to the final minutes of the sinking. It is a touching experience. You even get to find out who lived and who passed, they have every single name of the passengers listed on a memorial wall..... O.K. I know my posts have been about a lot of field trips lately, but that is what we have been doing lately. Now that ship has sailed and we are on to new adventures....LOL

Amy Jo

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Friend

A friend is someone you can do nothing with and enjoy it......
I hope every one is having a good week. I have been extremely busy! But I am never to busy to get to your posts, I am reading them all this evening :)
Amy Jo

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Where Does the Family Start?

Where does the family start? It starts with a young man falling in love with a girl--no superior alternative has yet been found. ----Winston Churchhill

Friday, April 20, 2012

Ft. Christmas Park

So yesterday I told you about the field trip to the historical site. I said I would share some photos of the houses there. So let the partial tour begin....
I am showing the "newer" house first. This house is from the place I grew up. It was right down the road. After I grew up the two sisters that were still living donated the house to the park. But while I was young it always had someone living in it. This is actually the back of the house.
I love this bedroom. It looks like we could move right in.

This home was built in the 30's or 40's, I can't remember exactly. Maybe we will watch Andy Griffith or Father Knows Best... What do you want to watch?

Do you play piano? If so maybe you can  play an old hymn. I will probably do some sewing while you play AND sing... I'll help you sing.... this is just getting better and better...

This is set up as a little boys room. The bedspread is chenille with a  cowboy on it. The room is decorated in 50's cowboys.

Dining room with a look through to the kitchen. Looks like dinner is almost done. Are you hungry?

They had indoor plumbing! And a PINK toilet!  The ringer washer had to be put in the bathroom, but at least they had one. House work was getting so much easier....

This is the old lunchroom. Circa 1932.

This is the School House circa 1918.

Some of you may know what this is! A good old fashioned paddle. In case someone gets out of line....hehe

This is the last pic I will show for this post..... It is the out house. The school was not  lucky enough to have indoor plumbing. So they made do.   I will show the other houses another time. They are much older. I just don't want you to get bored :)

Amy Jo