Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sweet Trinkets

It has been raining and tornado warnings have been issued today...So it is just a day to hang out inside. I found this Josef Original named Nannette at an Antique store last weekend. I have never seen one like it...I thought she was so pretty.

I told my Mom that I liked these salt and pepper shakers and she gave them to me. They are so cute aren't they?

They look so cute on our mantle. Thanks Mom!  I have had  some beautiful things given to  me and I am going to share those with you soon. I hope you are having a good weekend....Until next time...

Amy Jo

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy 21st Birthday!!!

Yesterday was Savanah's 21st birthday....the first birthday we haven't spent with her. She is now in Wisconsin as of last Saturday.... We were at Lego Land yesterday so I didn't get this post up on her birthday...


21 years ago we had a sweet and beautiful little baby girl. You are such a wonderful blessing to us and we already miss you...but we know this is the natural order of life. When you get home we will celebrate your birthday. (Yes you will get presents) LOL. Hugs, birthday spankings and a pinch to... well I guess your grown now...

Love you so much,

Friday, March 21, 2014

Color Has Arrived

My colors arrived in the mail yesterday...and they are dark. You know I LOVE spring colors. But I also know that these are the colors that look best on me. I thought this was going to be traumatizing but actually when I started going through my closet most of my colors were in these shades. So I guess it is an instinct for us. Although I have a lot of cream and that is a hard one for me to let go of. Hopefully I will find someone who can use the clothes that I am getting rid of. Only if it is their

I am going to keep this little packet with me so when I am tempted to buy something I can whip out these little color cards and see if it is a waste of money.... Since I do so much consignment and thrift shopping this is really going to come in handy when going through bunched up clothing. I will just take out the card in the corresponding color and I won't even pull it off the rack to look at it unless it is in the perfect shade. This will be a great time saver as well. With the cards came a description of each and it even says what color jewelry will look best with what shade of color you are wearing. I am so happy I did this. Some of you may notice that there is winter and fall color in my chart. That is because she takes the Color Me Beautiful chart a step further. As you know you are normally a combination of two. She has them on the charts...Easy. Love that.

I hope you have a blessed weekend.

Amy Jo  

Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Treasures

Over the weekend my sister and I went thrift shopping....the weather was beautiful and the thrift stores were packed!

I didn't really believe I would find anything with it being so busy... but I was wrong.

I found these two plates and the valance at Good Will for just a few dollars. (you remember my head vase don't you?)

I got this Christmas tablecloth for .99 cents. After we left there we went to another Good Will and I found....

This adorable little camper...It is made out of metal and has real rubber wheels. It is so cute.

My husband always wanted an airstream...well now we have one..hehehe.

I also found this beautiful stitch work. I am going to paint the frame (you know that) and then find a place to hang it....the find of the day was a beautiful antique bed that I will show you in a future post after I have transformed it. My sister bought some stuff as well but I didn't get pictures of them before she took them home.

Amy Jo

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad...

I saw this book recommended somewhere and I don't remember where. I decided to buy it and I have to say it is really good! The Author Shari Braendel teaches you about body type and dressing for your type. She also teaches about dressing for your color type... Since I am already a fan of Color Me Beautiful this was right up my alley. The book is an easy read and she gives a lot of good advice. I have ordered color swatches from her website. They are on a key ring and it will make it super simple to shop for my self. You can take a free color analysis test on her website and she helps you figure out what colors are best for you. This is a direct link to her sight. When you order the color swatch you have the option of sending your picture in so she can make sure you have chosen correctly.

I have been at work getting rid of some clothes that I know do not look good on me. Also I have been busy looking for accessories. She says it is very important to do this. I already love junk I mean costume jewelry so this is the direction I am going in. This bracelet set my friend Heather gave me...right off of her own wrist. I told her I liked it and she insisted I take it....wasn't that sweet? 

I found this Betsey Johnson bracelet at Plato's Closet. That is a consignment shop that is very popular here in Florida.

This little set came from Kohl's. I like the funky colors and I thought it would work as a pop of color.

I love this simple necklace. It also came from Plato's. This is the way to buy jewelry...because it is a fraction of the cost of new.

Lastly is the beautiful blouse and bracelet I got guessed it Plato's. It is really hard for me to give up the spring colors for my self. They are so beautiful to me. I am thankful I can where white and off white...(they are in my color palate)  Because I have been having so much fun with this I thought I would share all of this info with all of you lovelies.  I will show you my progress in another post soon. I am waiting on my color swatches and then I will be clearing out and reevaluating.
Until Next Time,
Amy Jo

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Getting Ready for Spring and Some Finds

It is almost spring! I have been getting things ready around our home. Mr. Bunny has been put in place.

I found these adorable little bunnies at Joanne's...

They are put in little places around our cottagey home...

I found this picture when Mom and I were at the Wildwood Antique Mall.... I thought it was so pretty! I have realized I have a  Romantic Grandma style and I am good with that.

But as you know I had to paint the frame... Now it matches the rest of my home.

I added a few more of these flowers and they look so pretty in the bathroom.

I found this lovely plate too. It was only $10.00.

Spring Centerpiece, I had these since Levi was a Baby and I thought they were perfect for Spring. My friend Heather gave me the glass/plate tray.

This is the left overs from the Candy Bar at the wedding... It looks pretty in the kitchen.

These M&M's were at the wedding as well they say said Kevin and Savanah February 15.. They are all gone now... I am not sure how they disappeared so fast.  It has been beautiful here with lots of breezy weather.... Today is rain but it is supposed to clear out and be cool and beautiful....And that is my little update on the happenings here at Cedar Side Cottage. (That is my new name for our home)  I am in LOVE  with the beginning of Spring!  How are things in your neck of the woods? Are you ready for Spring?
Amy Jo

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Professional Photographs of the Wedding

Wedding (4 of 120).jpg
I know all I have been posting about is Savanah's wedding...but if you have ever done a wedding you know it is this will be the last of the wedding posts ( I think) LOL. I warn you now, this is a picture heavy post. Let's start at the beginning...This is my niece Sophia getting ready to be the flower girl...
Wedding (7 of 120).jpg
All beautified...
Wedding (14 of 120).jpg
This is the tables..
Wedding (15 of 120).jpg
Gift Table...
Wedding (16 of 120).jpg
Wedding (20 of 120).jpg
The men in the bridal party....
Wedding (18 of 120).jpg
Wedding (30 of 120).jpg
Wedding (35 of 120).jpg
For the Mr.
Wedding (36 of 120).jpg
And the Mrs.
Wedding (37 of 120).jpg
The head table.
Wedding (38 of 120).jpg
Wedding (42 of 120).jpg
The final preparations..
Wedding (76 of 120).jpg
Contemplating running....Just kidding ;)
Wedding (47 of 120).jpg
Here comes the Bride..
Here comes the Bride.
 Wedding (48 of 120).jpg
Father and Daughter..
Wedding (49 of 120).jpg
So beautiful...
Wedding (50 of 120).jpg
The bridesmaids and Maid of Honor...
Wedding (52 of 120).jpg
Wedding (53 of 120).jpg
Wedding (56 of 120).jpg
The veil blew off from the wind...
Wedding (61 of 120).jpg
Wedding (68 of 120).jpg
During prayer...
Wedding (67 of 120).jpg
The rings...
Wedding (70 of 120).jpg
The kiss...
Wedding (72 of 120).jpg
Time to wipe off the lipstick...
Wedding (75 of 120).jpg
My little girl...
Wedding (77 of 120).jpg
The whole family.... now joined together as one..
Wedding (85 of 120).jpg
Wedding (86 of 120).jpg
Wedding (87 of 120).jpg
I love this one..
Wedding (89 of 120).jpg
Wedding (92 of 120).jpg
Wedding (94 of 120).jpg
These two have always been close...cousins, as close as a brother and sister.
Wedding (107 of 120).jpg
Wedding (113 of 120).jpgThe first dance.
Wedding (116 of 120).jpgFather Daughter dance.
Wedding (118 of 120).jpg
Wedding (119 of 120).jpg
The exit....and off to the honey moon. It was a fabulous day... It wasn't fancy, but honestly this fit our family perfectly. Savanah loved it and that is all that mattered to us.... Now she is waiting to be reunited with her husband as he is in Wisconsin working. At the end of the month they will be leaving for Virginia. After that it will be North Carolina.... I am sure they will be happy and have many wonderful and blessed years together....Thanks for sharing in the journey!!
Love to you,
Amy Jo