Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Remodeled Bathroom!!!

We are finally finished with the remodel! I know a lot of you do everything yourselves and 5 weeks would seem short. But it didn't seem short to me. We slept on a futon couch in the office during this time. Believe me nothing is as comfortable as your own bed. My Dad is a licensed builder and he handled this remodel.... I can't thank him enough... The job went fairly smoothly with only the occasional hiccup.

I love this vanity, I ordered this on EBay. It was cheaper than anything at the major hardware stores. It came with the marble top and hutch.  We bought the faucet separately.

This is my favorite thing about the bathroom MY TUB!!!  We originally were going to get a corner tub but we realized for the same money we could get a claw foot tub. 

The last thing that was installed was the glass door.

My husband wanted a separate toilet room...and I am glad we did this. It has a pocket door and extra storage. We were able to use the original light fixture and toilet paper holder....

The entrance with new light fixture. We used all bronze fixtures.

I had a pink chandelier but I changed my mind and went with the bronze for a more cohesive look.

Isn't it beautiful?

I always wanted a claw foot tub. Now I will be taking a bath in this just about every night ;)

We put in a lot of lighting! It really is bright. I could not be happier with it.

This project has taught me a lot. I have enjoyed talking with the different trade men and having my Dad here was so nice. My Mom came a few times too...and we snuck off to antique...he hehe  Now it is over and I have been trying to clean and get the dust off of everything. Next comes the fun part decorating.!. I have been studying magazines and trying to figure out what I want to put in there. I will be sharing more soon....
Amy Jo


  1. Amy Jo,

    It turned out so absolutely beautiful! I have never see a vanity like that. It is so unique. Enjoy your first long soak in your new tub. :)

  2. Your bathroom looks so great-love the tub!

  3. Wow, it turned out amazing!!! I love the vanity!! Enjoy!!

  4. Amy Jo, it turned out so beautifully. Love the tub and the vanity and the chandy. I love all that I see so far, and can't wait for more..Happy Thursday..Judy

  5. Your remodeled bathroom looks gorgeous! I am sure you will enjoy using it for many years to come!

    Blessings! :)

  6. Amy Jo your bathroom is gorgeous!! Love, love that vanity. We have a claw foot tub as well, just love it, although I don't take nice long baths as often as I would like.

  7. Amy Jo,
    Your bathroom is stunning. Great choice to do the claw tub such a show piece in the room. So beautiful. Great job.

  8. Wow! Your bathroom redo turned out amazing! The vanity is awesome!

  9. Wow! Your bathroom redo turned out amazing! The vanity is awesome!

  10. Congratulations, what a stunning transformation.
    I heart your claw foot tub!! Enjoy the bubbles... xx

  11. Oh, Amy Jo! it looks absolutely stunning! I love it so much! I had never thought of shopping for vanities on E-bay? That sounds like a smart thing to do. You will have a ton of fun decorating now!

  12. My wife adores your vanity so much. She said she likes the rustic feel that it brings to the room. Anyway, you did a wonderful job in remodeling this bathroom. And it’s nice to know that you’ve learned a lot of things from it. ->Randell Jeffries

  13. The bathroom is so pretty, and I believe that is the most gorgeous vanity I have ever seen!


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