Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Beautiful Things All Around Us


Good morning! It's positively beautiful in Florida right now... We have been having the best weather and it's wonderful! I'm so grateful for every day. 

I changed out the aprons....

I haven't grown tired of any of my pink appliances or pink decor..... when you love something you can always make it work. 
And it seems everything you pick up just goes....because it's what you love. This little bear is so cute. So she was added to the vignette. 

I named her cupcake... I hope your having a lovely week....
Blessings and Hugs
Amy Jo

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Vintage Chenille in the Guest Room

I found this beautiful pillow case that resulted in me dragging all of my bedding out for a little redo of the guest room. The fun never ends. 
I remembered that I had this beautiful bedspread I had never used before. The colors are fabulous. 
It's a vintage chenille in the prettiest pinks and yellows. 
At first I used the white with yellow roses pillow cases.

And then I remembered these beauties...

Perfect for summer. 

At least that's what Petunia tells me....