Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Steinhatchee Home

I have been telling y'all that I have been very busy and traveling a lot. Well the reason I have been doing that is this. I told you in this post about a piece of property we bought in Steinhatchee, FL. We have been going there for years and my parents own a place there. I had contacted the elderly gentleman next door. I noticed they had not been up in years. Their place was literally falling apart. So I wrote him a letter letting him know that my parents were his next door vacation neighbors. And we were interested
 in buying his place.
 He called me and let me know that he would think about it. Well long story short he sold it to us for a really great price. And he removed the old mobile home off of it and everything.  We were left with a blank piece of property. We thought we would eventually build a small cottage or put a mobile home back on it.

When our friend said he was selling his little mobile home, because he had bought a house, we decided to go look at it. We struck a deal and we had it moved to the property. Their was a lot of work to be done on the home. We didn't realize that the windows had been leaking. So we got my Dad to fix all of the leaks and replace the floors with these beautiful laminate wood floors. Some of the walls were soft so Dad fixed the wood in the walls and he put bead board on the damaged walls. It looks so nice. I almost wish all of the walls were bead board.

Now this is a work in progress....So the pictures I am showing are of just the beginning. As I go I will show you the progress. It has already gotten better than what I am showing. I just wanted to show you the first weekend we started moving stuff in.

This is the room Levi will be sleeping in. When guests come he will sleep on the pull out sofa. That valance was an original to the mobile home. Kevin (son-in-law) named it moldiqua because he said it looks like mold. LOL He actually got out of bed to check and make sure it wasn't. haha I know the bedding is feminine but it is what I have. I am looking for something boyish and nautical for it. This bed is the bed my Granny was born on. So it is a treasure to me. I believe it is from between 1910 to 1925. Not sure exactly. I am also looking to change out moldiqua.

Now this is a treasure I found at Goodwill for $200.00 it was the complete bed. Headboard footboard and side rails. It was in perfect condition, BUT you know I love painted furniture. So....

She got a paint job. In the palest of pinks! I love how it turned out.

I put on some new Rachel Ashwell shabby pink sheets and Vintage Ralph Lauren bedding.

Wa La my favorite thing so far! As you can see I still have painting to do on the window trim.

And all around the room...but shhhh don't tell hubby,he thinks it is fine as is. I won't stress him with it. While he is out fishing I will work on it. I know this post was long, but I wanted y'all to know where I have been and what all of the traveling was about. Now I will be posting often on the changes of our little get away. I hope you stick around to see all of the changes.

Amy Jo


  1. How fun Amy Jo! Grannies bed is a real treasure and I love that thrift find bed! It looks so pretty with it's new paint. I'm excited for you and will be looking forward to the adventure!

  2. Wow, and a beautiful get away it is too. I love the bed that you painted and the bedding on it is a delight. I am so thrilled for you.

  3. Amy Jo, I love your story. My dream is to have a summer place somewhere far away. I know I have the motorhome, but to have a little place to decorate is a wonderful dream. It is looking so pretty so far. Love your painted bed. Thank you for your comments on the paint. I think you would enjoy using it..Happy Summer Dreams..Judy

  4. Oh how fun and what a great deal - your own vacation home. It looks really nice and I know that you will have it in shape in no time.
    Congratulations on your new vacation get=away.

  5. Oh Amy Jo .. how thoroughly exciting to have a new little vacation spot next to your Mom and Dad ..! I love your new little cottage ..and that Goodwill bed is just stunning ! ...


  6. What a darling little place. I'm in awe of all you can do with your gift of decorating. Seriously! Your taste in the shabby chic style is right down my alley. The bed (beds) are gorgeomus! Hugs, Merry

  7. It looks great so far! You'll really enjoy fixing it up and furnishing it with things you collect along the way. There are so many great deals on furniture here in Florida...if I had known before we moved here, I would have bought it all second hand. And I love bead board, too! Sweet hugs, Diane

  8. Congratulations, what a blessing and fun project you'll be working on. I can't wait to see the progress.
    Dotti :)

  9. Hi Amy Jo, how exciting for you all,
    I'm sure many wonderful memories will be made there!

    I really like the bedhead board, I have recently had a thing about painted furniture too but haven't really took the plunge yet, very inspiring.


  10. Well you have had an exciting summer thus far! Awesome! Your grandmother's bed - what a treasure!!! And your find is gorgeous! have excellent taste, Amy Jo! :)

  11. What an amazing getaway! I adore that beautiful bed.
    I hope you are enjoying the summer.

  12. HOW EXCITING to have a fun project - projects - to work on! Your getaway looks awesome! LOVE that pink bed! Enjoy the process!



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