Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pastel Finds

Today my children and I took a little trip to the Goodwill. As I was looking around  I came across this whole stack of Fiesta Ware.... My Mom and My Aunt both collect Fiesta Ware. I don't, though I do collect all kinds of pastel dishes... I never wanted to pay the price for the Fiesta Ware

I also came across a blue Fiesta platter and this pretty teapot and teacup. The Teapot says Sadler England. The teacup is Wildflowers and says Queens England. The prices were to good to pass up!

The platter was only $1.99. So there was no way it was staying behind.

The whole stack of dishes was only $3.99. Now how is that for a bargain?.... that is 4 saucers and 6 plates! I was shocked... So they came home and I think they will be perfect because I know these are sturdy plates. They will go with those cute, little cottage napkin rings I got a few weeks back... I think I will sew myself some cute little napkins over the winter....  While I'm waiting for favorite time of year...  I hope you have safe and blessed day.

Amy Jo


  1. I've always liked Fiesta Ware and how nice you found some and at a good price, too! The teapot and teacup are great finds, as well!

  2. Hi Amy Jo!
    You must have one awesome Goodwill! The Fiesta Ware colors are so pretty ~ especially the pink:) Love the teapot, usually the only ones I find at the thrift shops are missing their lid.
    Keep dreaming of Spring!

  3. Amy Jo, now, those where great finds...Wow on the fiesta wear and the teacup is fabulous. I am headed to the fancy flea this coming Saturday, I am not going to be a vendor and could not find any blogs talking about it or anything on Google? Not good advertising! I am not going to be a vendor this time as my son get married in 3 weeks...Yikkes, that would have been way to much. I am looking forward to shopping it though! I will post some pics next week.


  4. Hi Amy Jo. You sure got a good deal on the Fiesta ware and such a pretty tea pot and cup..Thank you so much for your kind comments on my post about my Dad. My nephew, that I mentioned in the post, had more info than I did and it was great to find out some things that I didn't know before..Happy Weekend..Judy

  5. Thank you for all of your comments! Carol I appreciate you letting me know.

    Amy jo


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