Monday, October 29, 2012

OOH The Wonderful Wizard of OZ

Although we don't really celebrate Halloween... this time of year always brings a remembrance of when we did... I just loved to celebrate it... one of the best parts was that every year The Wizard of Oz came on T.V.

It is my favorite movie of all time!! I remember being so scared the first time I watched it....The witch seemed so real...

Dorothy was so lovely with her blue check dress and ruby red lips to match her slippers.
Oh and the flying monkeys.....such a fearful thought...
The witch would stop at nothing to get those slippers...
I love how the whole movie was directing your heart toward home.... teaching young hearts that there really is no place like home......

This month I think I will have a family movie night... and watch the best movie of all time.... Anyone want popcorn?

Amy Jo


  1. Good idea, Amy Jo. Even though our kids are grown, we still have our special "event" movies..Happy Monday..Judy

  2. Oh I like Wizard of Oz too!
    We still do Halloween here, but no scary stuff. I read on someone's blog that over the years Halloween has become more sinister and seems to be an excuse for blood and gore. I agree with that. It's sad because that is not how I remember Halloween. We dressed up, but none of this slasher stuff that you see nowadays. I don't care for that at all.
    Enjoy your movie!


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