Monday, October 8, 2012

Constant Busyness.....

Last Friday we went to see my nieces baby.... she named him after my late brother. Very special. This is my daughter holding him.... He is so sweet and just content to be held and loved. Who doesn't love a baby?

It has been a while since we had visited her. We went to her grandparents to see her. They started a deer farm....

They were very friendly and loved to be petted....We visited my mom as well and then we meandered home and looked at a few houses along the way.... a favorite past time of mine.

We decided to paint the office and I love the way it turned out. This is light french gray by Sherwin Williams.  This room really needed painting. Even though the house is on the market I decided to paint it in a color I would want to live with in case it does not sell.... This was in a Cottage Living Magazine at least a year back and I have been wanting to try this color...

I bought the curtains at Target and I love the linen look..... they filter the light and are quite lovely. This is a work in progress and one I am left waiting to see if I will get to finish... We have also been working on the laundry room... I will share that with you later.... We had a showing Sunday afternoon... but we never heard a word from the realtor.... I am beginning to wonder if we are  meant to sell. I think most people want a very contemporary look in a home. This house is very cottagey.(is that a word?) and the bathrooms need updating. And although I love my kitchen I think most people would want to update it as well. But all things are possible. Right? I have been behind in my visiting and we have had a constant busyness that seems to be the order of the day.....hopefully not for long.

Blessings and Hugs,
Amy Jo


  1. The baby is very pretty! Yes, I love babies, they are so special and sweet! I would love to hear more about a deer farm. I guess I don't understand the "Why" of it? Is it for food? You grey paint looks really pretty! I hadn't thought of this color, but it would be god in my house back in a bedroom to help reflect light! Pretty, again.

  2. Hi Amy Jo: I am so far behind in visiting that I didn't even know you were selling your house. Sometimes you think it's never going to sell and then it happens. Do you have another picked out? That deer farm looks interesting, how fun for the kids to be able to pet and learn about the animals. Sweet little baby, I love the thumb in the mouth and your daughter is very pretty. Thanks for leaving such a nice comment to me and good luck on the house..Happy Wednesday..Judy


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