Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blessed To Be At Home

Lately I have been doing a massive amount of cleaning... and honestly I feel so blessed to be able to do it.... I feel so happy to be able to stay at home and carry out all of the wonderful homemaking duties. My husband works extremely hard and wants me to stay at home. He has never wanted me to work. I have a few times over the years but it was always because I wanted to. He was never happy with it.

You know how it goes... you are working full time and the house gets a little messier and you eat out a whole lot because... well, because who feels like cooking after working all day? And besides there is laundry to do and homework to supervise. Showers to take and lunches to get ready .... then you wake up in the  morning to start all over. So for our family it just never worked. We feel like Titus 2 should be the model for our home. Me staying home and running all of the household.  Him providing  the money we need.We home school and we own a business. I do all of the office work. He always says "You don't have to get a "job" you have a job right here.  He is absolutely right of course. This job is my favorite. I can not think of one I would like better.
Out of all of my duties, my very favorite things to do is the decorating, cooking, and baking. I remember when we first got married I devoured every homemaking book I could get my hands on. It was very fascinating to me. It still is. Being a romantic, I tend to dream up ideals and long for the perfect home... which we all know will not happen until we step pass the pearly gates. But still a girl can dream, right? I think that is why I am drawn to these vintage images... They look so idealistic.... But enough rambling.... I just wanted some reason to share these images....;)

Happy Homemaking,
Amy Jo 


  1. Hello,

    I love the picture you chose for your header, and these pictures on this post are sweet, as well.

    I do love cleaning my house, but at the same time, I have to admit that it sometimes is overwhelming. You clean, hoping that it will last at least a little while; many times, it does not last as long as you would have though. Sigh. However, overall, being a mother and wife, getting to have a wonderful home to clean and a husband and children to care for, is the best and most blessed job on this earth!

    :) Hope

  2. Amen to all the words that you have stated here. My husband feels exactly the same way, which is why I am at home and don't have a job outside the home. He's happiest with me here, and I must be honest, so am I. I used to work outside the home, and you are so right, I never felt like cooking, cleaning, decorating, etc. because I was too tired after work to be bothered with homemaking. I know some women can do both, but I'm not one of those women.

    I'm so glad you shared this post today. It made me smile and reminded me to feel blessed about being able to be to a full time Homemaker. :)

  3. Hi Amy Jo: I was just like you when the kids were small. I never worked outside the home until just about 15 years ago and then I loved it (loved the extra money) but I loved being home more to do all the housework, cleaning and cooking. I loved getting the kids off to school, doing my housework and then having all that time to myself. Those pictures that you get are fantastic. I love them all..Happy Wednesday..Judy


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