Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fun Saturday Estate Finds

This morning we were supposed to go to the Fancy Flea...and for some reason I just decided I would just yard sale around instead. I am so glad I did. There was an estate sale in my neighborhood and we really got a lot of stuff. I found these wonderful pink gooseberry Pyrex bowls for $4.00. I love Pyrex and pink Pyrex can get real expensive....

I love mixing bowls...don't ask me why... I didn't need this one but it spoke to me with it's vintage shape, and for $3.00 it found a new home.. with me ;)

By the time I got around to the jewelry my daughter had gotten some really great things. Most of these are Avon and look as if they were never worn.  All for $1.00 each. She had been wanting a recipe journal and she found a brand new Paula Deen Journal...for $1.00.

I thought this necklace was perfect for fall...

This bracelet is very similar to the ones sold in Victorian Trading Co. catalouge. It is a vintage Avon....$1.00.

I love these Christmas pins.... so pretty $1.00 each.

Now this is a set... I just love them. They are brand new and never used, one is a photo album and one is a journal... I can't wait to fill them. ($1.00 for the set)

Old books.... Uncle Tom's Cabin was one of them. I have never read this book and I thought that I should... This has been a year of classical literature for me. I am enjoying reading these great books.

Lastly I picked up some old Florida history books for my Dad. He loves to read true historical books about Florida. I think he will enjoy them... 
I have always loved yard sales and thrift shopping...I am glad that my daughter enjoys it too... Actually all of the women in my family enjoys it. We have so much fun! One of the great things about it is if you get tired of something. You really haven't lost much. You can give it away or sell the item and not lose much.... I hope you all have a blessed weekend...

Love to you,
Amy Jo

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  1. No way! I love you cheap!!! Pink!!! Pyrex!!! It was all good finds! You Lucky duck!!


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