Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Garden Gate Tea Room Mt. Dora, Florida

Well, Thursday was a beautiful day and a lovely time at the tea room. Here is what it looks like from the outside. Picture perfect.


Isn't this the most romantic bike?

I love this bird bath! It is in the courtyard.

This is what we both got for lunch. It is so delicious. It tastes like Thanksgiving dinner.

We tried to save room for dessert... A beautiful swan swimming in chocolate... Let's just say we waddled out of the tea room..haha.

I love the creamy color of these walls. I had a color just like it in my last house and it was so pretty.

I love all of the draped lace on the windows. It mutes the light in such a romantic way.


Would you like to wear a hat? They will let you, if you didn't bring your own.

Cozy little nook.

I love that lamp.

And this one.

This sufficiently cheered our spirits.  We had such a beautiful time. I can never get enough of the beauty of this tea room. So feminine and the atmosphere is at once like home.  The food is sooo good too. If ever you are in Florida try to stop in here. You will not be disappointed.

Amy Jo


  1. What a beautiful tea room! The pictures of the food really made me hungry. Sounds likes you had a delightful time. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Amy Jo: That is really a beautiful tea room. I just love places like that. It always is so special, and what is so much fun for me, is that my husband, I think, even likes them better that me. So we have a good time every once in awhile..Happy Monday..Judy

  3. Dear Amy Jo,
    Oh my, what a beautiful tea room! The lace and china ~ two of my favorite things. And I love the hats!


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