Friday, June 1, 2012

Feminine Friday

Happy Friday! Yesterday I had a wonderful time with my Aunt Teresa and I got lots of pictures I will show you soon. This outfit is very much in my favorite color! The blouse is a pink pinstripe, American Eagle. I got it on ebay. The skirt is the one I made out of a Shabby Chic sheet I got at goodwill.

I thought I would show you my slip as well... This slip my good friend Heather gave me. I collect vintage slips and am almost always wearing one. They are so much prettier than the ones you buy today.

This is what I am wearing today... I bought this over shirt yesterday in Mt. Dora. It is very pretty... I am going to have to work with it and find the perfect thing to wear it with. I will share the pictures I took with you tomorrow. I can't wait!  I hope you have a lovely Friday.

Amy Jo


  1. I always wear slips. They are so wonderful especially in the winter, when you need just that extra layer.

    Thank you for stopping by the cottage Amy Jo.

    May you have a blessed weekend :)


  2. Hi AmyJo: I love how you dress and that over shirt is just darling. Can't wait to see your pics..Happy Weekend..Judy

  3. Beautiful outfits, Amy Jo! I do most of my clothes shopping at thrift stores, too. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope your week-end is blessing-filled!

  4. Thank you so much for your comments! I feel blessed you stopped by. xoxo

  5. Beautiful slip. Is it a half slip or full slip?

  6. I sell slips on and I am also partnered with another slip shop on there as well.

    My shop's name is: TheSlipShoppe
    The other shop is: sliplovin66

    Check them out. We both have vintage slips and camisoles, and some are New With Tags. We have them in every shade under the sun and many more will be listed ever few weeks.


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