Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summertime Storms

We have been having a tropical storm here for days. Lots and Lots of rainfall. We needed it.  We had a dry spell for a while and so they said we were in a deficit. I doubt we are now. It has rained a lot over the last two weeks. Today I woke to gray skies but a wonderful wind was blowing. I love the early morning.
We have not been able to mow in 2 weeks.... The grass is getting tall.
The roses we planted are loving all of this rain.

So pretty!

I'm hoping eventually they cover the water softening system.

Levi found this in his great grandmother's shed. They were tearing the shed down. He painted it and gave it to me for the porch... Such a sweet boy. Today we have a 70 percent chance of rain....so I think it may rain. LOL

Amy Jo


  1. Here's raining too. No sunny days. I like your roses.

  2. Dear Amy Jo,
    Glad to hear you suffered no damage from Debbie! It was very windy here yesterday and humid!
    I love the early mornings the best ~ my favorite time of day.
    Cute birdhouse!

  3. Hi Amy Jo, I thought I would visit you from Renee's blog (My Vintage Mending) to tell you the adorable tablecloth ant clips were found at Michaels. Very heavy in person, and oh so cute!
    Thanks for asking, Elizabeth (Creative Breathing)


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