Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Tour of the U.S.S. Ponce

This morning we got up early and headed over to Port Canaveral. They had brought in the U.S.S Ponce  Navy Ship, and were letting people tour it for free. They will be retiring this great ship soon. It is 40 plus years old.

This ship was amazing. I have never been on a ship before. I could not believe the size. It was a floating community.

We are standing on deck here and looking at the towers. As you can see it is also where helicopters land and he said basicly anything with a propeller.

This was the man that was giving us the tour. I am afraid I can not remember his title. I just know Gonzalez was his name. This is one of there huge deck guns.

Levi and Sophia

This young man is a mechanic on the hover crafts. He spent a great deal of time showing us around the hover craft. He even took us inside of it and showed us how it would be driven. Frank sat in the drivers seat and the marine and Tristan and I were also in the cock pit. That is all that will fit. It was really interesting.

These vehicle's are what the hover craft brought into the ship. I have never seen any hover craft like it.

On Deck looking at the inlet.

This is where all of the steering of the ship goes on.

This is a bad picture of the back of the hover craft.

The marines call these vehicles tracs. They are armoured and can float.

Getting a little crazy!

This marine was so nice and shared several stories. He kept us entertained for quite awhile. I was really struck by how young most of these dear men were. This definitely reminded me that I need to be in prayer for our soldiers. What a wonderful sacrifice these men make for us every day!

Sophia, (my niece) on top of a tanker. All of these vehicles were inside of the ship. If you get a chance to visit one of these ships, I would. We had such a great time.... And please remember to pray for our military men. May God Bless them.
Amy Jo

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