Friday, November 4, 2011

Feminine Friday and My New Windows

First off is this skirt... I know you have seen it before. But like I said it is one of my favorites. For fall or spring I put on an undershirt and a sweater. In contrasting colors. I just love mixing and matching. ( This pic makes me realize I need to lose a few pounds) LOL
This shirt I got at Goodwill this week and I thought it was so cute. It reminds me of Precious Moments. Maybe that isn't what a woman of my age should be trying to wear but..... I like it any way :)
On to my new windows. I love them! Having the white windows really goes with all of my decor.
Before I liked the wood door with the dark windows. But now, I do believe that front door needs to be white. What do you think? Any hoo, I hope you are having a fabulously feminine friday!

Amy Jo


  1. We are mid way through spring and I can finally start to wear my summer skirts. I'm always looking for pretty long skirts and I love the colour of yours, it is so pretty. I don't have much success from thrift stores, but I do with eBay and currently waiting for one to arrive that is pink.

    Love your new windows. Mine are the stand metal ones and not very exciting.

  2. I think the light green blouse with the floral print is pretty. I would wear something like that myself.

    Your windows look great, and really make your bedroom look much brighter and more cheerful.

    By the way, you look beautiful just the way you are, but I can understand about wanting to loose a few pounds. I am the same way. :)

    Take care Dear Friend.

  3. Thank you Mrs. Wildflower! You always have such nice things to say:)


    Spring is my favorite time of year. Good luck on finding a skirt.



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