Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend Part I

For Thanksgiving we went to Georgia to visit my nephew in his first place. He is 19 and renting his own place. So along the way we stopped at the cotton field.

Isn't it amazing that our clothing grows on plants?

We also stopped at a pecan grove. I just love pecan groves they are so beautiful.

This is Cody's Place.
This is Cody and his "sweet" dog Dozer. I am extremely afraid of bulldogs, so he kept saying he was going to make us best friends before I left. That Didn't Happen!!
Savanah and Emily my sisters dog.
Cody and Savanah
My Mom and Savanah
My Sister and Savanah. You see the trend here Savanah is in almost every photograph! LOL This was Thanksgiving day. I will share the rest of our weekend tomorrow....

Amy Jo


  1. It looks like it was a wonderful Thanksgiving! I think Cotton Trees are beautiful ~ it *is* amazing cotton comes from trees! Anyway, have a blessed week ahead!

  2. Love the pics of the cotton! We had a lesson on Eli Whitney yesterday...my kids will love these pics. :)


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