Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Eeeek! We are getting New Windows

This is our house.  This is the house my Dad built and I grew up in.  We bought it from my parents 2 years ago. My husband told me that every six months we would do a home improvement project. The house is in really great shape. Most of what we have been doing has been cosmetic updates. But, the windows are 24 years old and single paned. So the update we decided on this time was new windows.
This was my bedroom window and as you can see they were the black cased windows. Yesterday and today, my Dad (who is a builder) my husbund, and David Golden, (the framer) my Dad has worked with for years, have been installing the windows.  
I can't wait to show you the finished product! Let me just say I am very, very excited!  
P.S.     Why do we women get so excited about our homes?  :)



  1. You certainly do have a nice home. I'm looking forward to see the new windows.

    I think when you spend a great deal of time in your home and caring for it, you become excited about getting new things, rather they are big or small. I am the same way. :)

    Oh, I liked the lace curtain in that one window that used to be your bedroom when you were younger.

  2. How wonderful to get new windows for your home! They are going to look beautiful!

  3. I have really enjoyed every blog entry, until THIS point... Did you have to say 24 years!! That makes me feel "aged". Especially, since we were crawling through those windows before there were even windows installed... Good Times, Great memories, Treasured Friendships... Much love Amy Jo

  4. I have really enjoyed every blog entry, until this point! I was doing very well with all the dated remodels and such throughout. Then you went an placed a # with the windows... 24 years. Wow, I'm feeling a bit "aged" at that. Especially since I was crawling through those "holes" before the windows were ever installed. Great memories in that home, Treasured friendships remain! Much Love Amy Jo...


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