Thursday, November 17, 2011

Feminine Friday and The Best Husband in the World

Today for feminine friday, this is my daughter Savanah. She is wearing this maxi skirt from Target. She said they have them in multiple colors. It is that super soft and comfortable material. She looks lovely...smiles

I was doing laundry tonight and putting the clothes away. When I walked into our bedroom I saw this! This is the nativity set I have wanted for 2 years. My husband went out and bought it for me, and had put it in our room for me to find. I was over the moon excited!

So I immediately opened the box and set it out on our fireplace.

These dolls are so pretty. I don't think the camera does them justice.

The three wisemen are so beautiful. Their clothes have all the details, you would expect of wealthy men.

The Shepherd

I felt like I was a child again. Setting up my dolls for play. I know that Christmas was not Jesus' real birthday. But I sure do love having these little dolls to look at, and remind me of my saviors birth, and death and most importantly His Resurrection. They have this set at BJ's warehouse. If anyone is interested. I am so..... so.... excited.

Amy Jo

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  1. Your daughter looks lovely (and very much like her Mama) ~
    Beautiful Nativity ~ the Blessed Mother and the angel are so pretty ~ and those dear little lambs!
    Hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend.


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