Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Lord's Day, Are We Doing Our Best

" I can't find my socks!" the young boy cried, his voice filled with despair.
"And I've lost my Bible" his sister chimed. "Can't find it anywhere!"

"Mom, what's to eat?" the toddler cried, still in his little p.j.s.
"I don't know," his mom replied. "I haven't bought groceries for days!"

Dad soon got up, wandered down the hall, " Hey honey....where's my tie?"
"Don't ask me now, I'm ironing", came mother's sharp reply.

The baby then woke, some milk got spilled, a fight broke out between two. Dad burnt the toast, brother flipped on the TV---oh, what's a mom to do?

Arising late this family found chaos at every turn, Each Sunday morning this same scene played---you'd think they would have learned!
Finally at the church safe and sound but stressed out to the max--- Wishing the service would soon be done so they could go home and relax.

But returning home they found a mess, the house now out of order, and with no food Dad soon had to make a quick "run for the border"!

The rest of the day was catch-up time-- where was the Lord in this? On this His day, did He have a plan this family completely missed?

Across the street that very same day, another family arose, But something was different, for at this house here's how their Sunday goes:

"I've got my Bible," the young boy cried; his voice was filled with glee. "And I've packed the diaper bag," his sister chimed. " Does anyone else need me?"

"Yeah--- cinnamon rolls!" the toddler cried, dressed in his Sunday best. The family joined hands and blessed the food, inviting Christ to be their guest.

Each put on their clothes and gathered their things while from the CD player arose songs of praise and thanksgiving and choruses filled with prayer.

Soon out the door and on their way, they talked of the service to come--- The fellowship, the new truths of God--oh, how they longed for some!

When church was done, a new family they met and invited them home to eat, no fear of returning to a messy house did they have when approaching their street.

They opened the door and from the kitchen came a most glorious smell. The table was set, and dessert had been made--no need here for Taco Bell!  After a lovely meal with their new found friends, the kids gladly napped for they knew that the rest of the day would be focused on God, with so many fun things to do!

At the close of the day, when tucking all in, these parents were thrilled to see Once again Sunday brought them closer to God--the way it's supposed to be.

Now, let me ask you, ladies so dear--- yes, a quick quiz now I'll give---

When it comes to your Sundays, God's most special day, In which house do you live?
----Karen Ehman (from her book A Life That Says Welcome)

When I read this poem she wrote, it made me really think.... Do I really put as much effort into the Lord's Day as I should? After 19 years of marriage, we definitely have a Sunday morning routine. But, maybe the whole day is not as God focused as it should be. I will definitely be working on this. If you have any comments on how you spend your Lord's Day please share them.
Blessings to you,
Amy Jo

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