Monday, October 10, 2011

Feminine Dress, and Time for a Vacation

Ultimate Mountain Getaway
I will be away for a while as we are headed to North Carolina... It will be our first week long vacation in 11 years. I know that sounds like a really long time, but we go on 3 day trips quite often. Honestly that is all my husband and I really enjoy being away from home. We hope that this will be a relaxing time for us and not a time of worrying about how our business is doing. If we find ourselves not enjoying it we will be back sooner!

First of all ignore the hair. With it raining for 3 days straight there wasn't much I could do with it. I got this entire outfit at thrift stores. The little vintage brown boots I got for $10.00 and they are made in the USA. Not to often that you find shoes made in the USA.
Another entirely thrift store outfit. The bottom is a slip that has a really pretty trim. So it's ok for it to show right?
I found this skirt over the weekend at the same thrift store. The shoes and blouses I already had. I have on 3 tops layered together.
This is the cutest little owl necklace that I thought was just perfect for fall.  I am going to miss blog world while I'm gone. But I am sure to have fabulous pictures for you when I return. And hopefully lots of great stories to share.

May the Lord watch between Me and Thee while we are apart,
Amy Jo


  1. I love thrift stores but I find sometimes I can location great bargains and other times nothing at all. I use eBay quite a bit as I am more likely to find lovely clothes that are bargains. I love the last top, so pretty. And yes, you can show your petticoat with the pretty lace!

  2. Beautiful outfits, Amy Jo.
    Enjoy your vacation. I'll be looking forward to hearing all about it when you return. :)


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