Monday, October 24, 2011

My New Little Cabinet and an Impending Project

While we were in North Carolina, my daughter and I took an afternoon and went to a few antique, thrift stores and one flea market along the  side of the road. We had the most luck at the little flea market. She got a nice set of sheets, with an eyelet trim. and I got this little cabinet. My husband hung it yesterday. It is so cute.

We put it in our bedroom and I filled it with things that I mostly already had...
This sugar and creamer I have had a long time and I really love this little set.
This bone dish is German and I think it is quite lovely.
This is the only other find I got in North Carolina. I thought it was pretty.
A vintage baby planter.
Lastly, I wanted to show you what came in the mail today. I have been looking for barkcloth to recover my dining room chairs for five years. And no I am not exaggerating! I wanted just the right pattern and colors. And I had to be able to afford it. So I have watched ebay, looked at thrift stores and antique stores. These curtain panels came on ebay and I really fell in love with them,  and after quite a bidding war I won them! So today they arrived.... I will keep you updated on the recovering project. I am almost scared to cut these panels..... so we will see.

Amy Jo

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  1. Amy Jo! OMG it is so great to meet you!! I loved the shelf you bought! I just know I will run into you at my booth one day! I usually post when we are having a sale. Thank you for your sweet comment (I had to google to find you?) I am still looking for the shelf in your blog. Thanks for stopping by good luck on my giveaway!!



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