Monday, October 3, 2011

Heather's Fall Home

On yesterday I promised a look into my friend Heather's house and I think you are going to love it....

There house is situated on 10 acres and has huge oaks sprawled throughout the property. They built the house themselves and hand laid every piece of wood. It is a block home that they  wrapped inside and out with different kinds of beautiful wood.
Front Yard
This is the side of the house that they did in a sunburst pattern.
Heather and her two little boys planted this butterfly garden, on the side of the house.
Front Door
This is beside the front door, her husband Brad killed this and had it mounted.
She has been adding a lot of red into her decor the last few years.
Porch swing with a beautiful quilt.
This is her back door and this where every one pulls around to and enters.
She holds the trunk or treat at her house, it gives an alternative to the children at church,since most would not get to participate otherwise.
Heather and Brad won this at the Sumter County Fair! Isn't he cute, it kind of reminds me of the tree on Pocahontas.
This is a really cool idea, she put up this little "fence" so that her dogs could not get into her space, on the porch.
This is her space, isn't it pretty?
When you walk in to her home you see the kitchen, dining room and living room.
This is the dining room.
This is a picture of the living room and back door.
The living room. Her husband is an avid hunter and as you can see, he has gotten his share of trophies.
The quilt hanging up is really neat, it has a families story embroidered on it. She picked it up for a really great price too.
This is her fall tree, sitting in a wash tub. So cute!
Coffee table
Heather has done a great job of mixing her husband masculinity with her femininity.

In her entry...

She has a lot of space up top, she has done a fabulous job of decorating it.
In her dining area
The centerpiece on the table
Doesn't there home look like it came out of Country Home Magazine?
Above her kitchen cabinets
We all need one of these signs!
Her kitchen window.
I love her pie safe, she has it filled with beautiful blue and white dishes.
The bar in the kitchen
This is a small little island in her kitchen, which cleverly desguises her garbage can.
Heather hand made these, and she embroidered them...yes she is crafty.
This is the master bedroom.
Her side table, it is a little desk and chair.
If anyone knows anything about the top picture, she was wondering who  painted it and how old it is.
This is her quilt collection, or at least part of it....
The master bathroom.
Isn't the wood on the walls beautiful?
I will be showing you the rest of Heathers home in an upcoming post, I took so many pictures because there is really a lot to see at her house. She does a fantastic job at decorating., and the great thing is she buys most of her stuff at thrift stores. She does not spend a fortune, like it looks like. She hunts year round though... You have to be on the look out all of the time. This is not something you could  afford to run out and do overnight. I hope you enjoyed seeing her home. I will be back to share the rest soon.

Amy Jo


  1. O, I'd never seen such house here. I love it, I love it!

  2. Thank you for sharing! What a lovely house! I love the roosters above the kitchen cabinets and all the antiques!

  3. Quite cozy! We all have such different styles, right?! It's always such a privilege to see into the homes of others..particularly when women really take a joy in making it their refuge.

    I have a much different style. I like a home with much less stuff in it. I've barred myself from obtaining cute things, even when a real treasure and a bargain, just because I get frustrated and overwhelmed with too many matter how cute!

    Thanks so much for sharing this, and thank your friend! My style has changed over the years so much.

    God Bless!

  4. Some people have real talent in making things with their hands and this is one example. I have to admit I do enjoy looking at other people's houses!!! A little nosy. Thank you for sharing.


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