Monday, February 10, 2020

What I Wore 2019 Part 2

Happy Monday!! I decided to get back to updating the tiny neglected blog. So I’ll get to it. This was a dress I got from Stitch Fix and paired with a Loft sweater. I wore this for my birthday dinner. My 29th Birthday dinner. What you don’t believe me?

I told you!! The waiter obviously thought this was funny. I told him he was my favorite waiter of all time.

This beautiful blazer I got at an antique mall. It’s vintage and I really love it! I wore it to church.

This over sweater is from ModCloth. I got it on clearance and I will definitely wear it again this spring.

A friend from Instagram sent me these lovely earrings as a gift. They are handmade.

Another Lularoe dress. I’m telling you they are the best!

This dress is from Amazon. They are really inexpensive and comfortable. I think they are around $25 The kimono is from?? You guessed it. Lularoe 💕

A bright spring dress from ModCloth. Another clearance sell. 

Another Lularoe... I guess I’m obsessed.

The Cuff is from Mothercuffer. I wear a lot of cuffs. I love words and I think they are pretty special since they are handmade. 

This is a Lily Pulitzer skirt and Chico’s chambray top. 

And believe it or not that was all of the outfit pictures I took for 2019. I wore a lot more pants this year and I have realized that mostly they are very uninspiring to me. I love dresses and skirts, but mostly skirts. And truly maxi skirts. My legs are not fabulous and I really don’t like showing them off.  I will continue tweaking what I love this year and finding what I feel is best for me as I continue on. I’ll keep you all updated on my not so mainstream clothing journey. If I don’t like it after I wear it, I give it away or sell it to the consignment shop. So some things you have seen may already be history. Others I’ll try to rewear and find ways to use them that make me happy. If they don’t work out it’s no love loss for me I try to get the item to someone who will love it. 

Amy Joleen 

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