Sunday, July 1, 2012


"Homemaking is not simply housework. Housework is keeping a house clean; homemaking is creating a pleasant home for one's family. The aim and greatest reward of real homemaking is a happy, contented family." -- Ida Bailey Allen

Now that it is hotter than blue blazes down here in the south I have been doing lots of laundry. Between wet clothes from the pool and my husband changing his shirt several times during the day due to sweating, it really adds to the piles. I hang out our clothes on the line as much as possible during the dry weather. We try to save money because our electric bill always goes up in the summer months. I guess it may be the opposite for those in the north.  I found this little clothes pin bag a few years back on Ebay. It looked like it had never been used. Well enough rambling darlings.... I hope you have a blessed Sunday!

Amy Jo


  1. I love your iron! How cute is that? What kind is it?

  2. Hi Amy Jo: That is the cutest little clothes pin bag. We are not as hot here as you are. Today was very balmy and warm but nice. Sorry!!! Happy Sunday..Judy

  3. Mrs. V it is just a sunbeam iron. I bought it at Target.

    Hi Judy, Sounds like your weather is perfect wahhhh!!

    Amy Jo


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