Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint --- A Review

A few days ago I got a can of the Annie Sloan Paint in Old White. I blogged about the price, it is very expensive. This is the picture frame I decided to try out the paint on.

The paint has very little smell and it is very thick. It definitely lived up to it's reviews.  No prep work required. I really like the result and it was so quick and easy to use.

Cleaning the brush out was a breeze. I love the way the frame turned out. All in all I love using this paint. The only problem is the price. I still can't get over how much it is. Am I cheap? LOL  I hope you all are having a Happy 4th of July!

Amy Jo


  1. If you are cheap than so am I. I can't bring myself to buy some though I want to so bad. Everyone raves about it!

  2. Hi Amy Jo: Your picture frame turned out beautifully and I love the painting. I missed your post about the cost of the AS paint. We made up some chalk paint using plaster of paris and regular paint. We liked how it came out and how easy it was to use. Do you think the AS paint is any better to use then that. I wanted to thank you for your sweet words to my post of the 4th of July, and hope you are able to stay cool. Happy Thursday..Judy

  3. Judy that is a great suggestion! I did not know how people made there own.... I may give it a try.

    Thank you,

    Amy Jo

  4. We have A.S. paint in a shop near by and it is expensive. I'm glad to know it works well because I want to use it on a little curio cabinet. I just can't decide if I want to spend that much.


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