Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring Seems to Have Sprung

Well, it seems to be here. Spring that is. Today it was in the upper 80's. I believe it is going to be a very hot summer. It didn't even get cold enough to kill off any of the bugs. But I am not going to complain. I love sunny skies and warm breezes! This weather is making me want to change everything in the house.... I would like to freshen up the porch and I am on a mission for some new fabric to recover the chair cushions. Maybe I will buy a few plants too. I put back up the spring wreath, I just love this wreath I bought it last year at goodwill.
The azaleas are blooming and they look beautiful!
These run along our front fence line and I just love the privacy they provide
Not to mention lots of color in the spring!
This little red cardinal was flitting around the bushes. He didn't seem to be scared of me, but he did want to keep a safe distance. I hope you all had a lovely first day of march!

Amy Jo

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  1. Oh, this makes me miss living in NC. I had azaleas the same color when we lived there. Here in the suburbs of Chicago, it is supposed to snow again in a couple of days. But, I have seen a couple of birds around lately and my daffodils are popping their little green leaves up out of the ground. Thanks for the glimpse of spring...I love your spring wreath, it is beautiful!


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