Monday, March 19, 2012

Playing House

Do you remember playing house? When I was little I use to love playing house. Sometimes I would convince my brother to play as well. Of course he was the dad and he would be working or hunting. :) I remember setting up a little spot in the front yard under the cedar trees. I would make my dolls a bed and try to get the kitchen all set up. I remember how I would dream of my someday life when I would be married and have a real house of my very own..... I got a winnie-the-pooh book for my 5th birthday and I remember studying the pictures and thinking how I wanted a chair and a rug just like the one in poohs house. I was thinking the other day about those times and realized I have all I ever dreamed of. Isn't that amazing?! No I don't live in a mansion and I am not rich, (that wasn't really my dream) but I have a husband who lets me stay home. And, I have a house that I can do anything I want to with. Talk about blessed!
So with these new found thoughts on my life, I have been changing things around and doing everything I want to do in this house. Adding something here and moving something there. It makes life so much more interesting. You know playing house....
I have really been busy in Levi's room. I got him a bed at an estate sale.... So all weekend I have been working in his room. It has been so fun. I will show pictures after I get his mattress. It will be here Tuesday. Until then I will just be playing house.

Amy Jo


  1. Like you, I feel blessed to be able to stay home and "play house". I love it!

  2. What a sweet post! I remember playing house as a girl too. I also played school with my dolls, tee hee. :)

    And a big AMEN to being blessed with a real house and a real husband and family to take care of. Aren't you glad our dreams came true? :)

  3. Hi girls,

    I am so glad our dreams came true! I played school as well. Also church, I loved that. Such a sweet time in our lives..... Amy Jo


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