Friday, December 2, 2011

LegoLand, Winter Haven Florida

On Monday we went to Legoland with our homeschool group.

If you are with a homeschool group it is only $5.00 to get in.
We couldn't pass that up. I took my niece Sophia with us. This southern bell is made out of Legos.
Buddy the lego kid.
This is my friend Heathers little boy. His name is Levi, too.
There were tons of things throughout the park that was made out of Legos.
This is Ethan, Heathers youngest child.
Darth Vader made from Legos.
R2 D2 made from Legos.
An old lady feeding the pigeons. She talked and was so cute.
This is a Tourist.
Levi and Sophia zooming by on a ride.
They had all of the major cities made out of Legos. It was really cool.
This octupus looked so neat!
Levi driving the boat while Ethan relaxes. :)
Levi and Sophia
A life size Ford made out of Legos.
Life size elephant made out of Legos. I told the children, after going here they should always have ideas, for building with their Legos!

Amy Jo


  1. Legoland looks wonderful. I was showing my son the photos and now he wants to go. But Virginia is a long way from Florida :-)

  2. If you do get to the Orlando area. I hope you can take your son, it is so wonderful. He would love it!

    Amy Jo

  3. My kids love the Legoland photos! What a wonderful place!


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