Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bentleys First Week Home

Well we survived our first week together, and I say survived because we had some rough spots!
But somehow this little guy is already a part of our family....
Oh, how could he not? With a face like this.
Him and Levi are really starting to love each other.
"You know I am really sweet, don't you Mom?"
After discovering jumping in the non heated pool may not be a good idea..... He decided he better just take a nap :)

Amy Jo


  1. amy, he could't be any more cuter!!!! he already has that little bit of a sideways look showing a bit of white on the eye. these dogs can just melt you heart!!! have you had a scottie before? if ever you have any questions about them, feel free to ask. we love ours to pieces. do watch them around the pool...they can be horrible swimmers....ours sink. they aren't allowed out by the pool unless we are back there. hugs to you and yours and merry christmas!!!

    becky, duhgall and fiona

  2. Hello Becky,
    This is our first scottie, he can be a handful! LOL If he is tired it is best to put him to bed.... I will definitely keep an eye on him around the pool. We didn't give him a chance to swim before we snatched him out...:) So I am sure we will see. When summer arrives we will give him a chance. I am so glad I can contact you about him as I don't know a soul that has a scottie or ever has had one. Thank you for visiting me...

    Blessings to you and Merry Christmas,
    Amy Jo


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