Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Party Tomorrow

Well, tomorrow is the day I have been looking forward to for weeks. All the family is coming over for Christmas. We are not having a traditional meal. My husband will smoke meat and I will make baked beans and desserts. Every family will bring a dish and an ornament. We do not buy for every family member. It is way to expensive. Instead we buy an ornament and I number each package. Everyone draws a number and then picks the package with their number on it. It is so much fun and it doesn't cost anyone a fortune. We eat, and catch up on everyones lives. The men usually play horse shoes and sit outside and talk about man stuff. The women congregate in the house. And the cousins run around playing. Living in Florida the weather is generally warm for Christmas, tomorrow it should be in the high 80's. Maybe a little to warm. I hope all of you have a very special and wonderful Christmas! If you can't spend it with your loved ones I pray that you have memories to warm your heart. I know their are a few people that have passed away from our family over the last few years. Members that will be greatly missed tomorrow. And their memories are sure to warm our hearts this Christmas.


Amy Jo

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