Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

This was the kids opening Christmas presents. As you can see Bentley really wanted in on the action.
This was at our Christmas dinner.  Aunt Teresa sitting at the table. Time for some girl talk...

My Mom...

Franks cousins Valerie and Elizabeth. ( mother and daughter)

Aunt Judy. I didn't get a lot of pictures because my batteries died. But everyone else did, so all is not lost. All the men were there. They stayed outside playing horseshoes and enjoying the beautiful weather.

My friend Heather sent a whole box of goodies that she was giving me, with my Mom. This cheese plater is one of the items in the box. I thought it was so pretty.

She gave me this beautiful rose picture.

This handpainted bucket...

And then she made me these mitten ornaments and the lace christmas tree with jewel topper... There were also pillow cases and a dress and blouse. Thank you Heather you really do know my taste! Now that Christmas is over I have been busy trying to get everything in order around here.... What a job.:) I hope all of you had a blessed Christmas..

Amy Jo

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  1. What great looking gifts! Only someone who really knows you can pick such great treasure. I'm from FLA, too!
    Happy New Year!


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