Friday, September 30, 2011

Feminine Friday

On this feminine Friday I would like to show you a dress I bought at goodwill months ago.
It is actually a target dress by Mossimo. It is made of very soft and jersey like material. I really like the comfort of this dress.
Yesterday I decided to swing into goodwill (my favorite place to shop) and I found this skirt and blouse. The shirt is once again a Target brand and the skirt is an Old Navy. I am trying to find some fall and winter skirts and sweaters. I know the look I want, but am finding it very hard to find. I want really long skirts and long sleeve blouses or sweaters. I like the prairie or Edwardian look for fall and winter. I am on a mission!  Hopefully I will find it.
I found these two sweaters as well.
This is the book shelf that sits by my desk. It has all of my favorite  books that I like to pick up and look back at.
They are mostly homemaking and my christian books. I have a lot more books, but these are the ones I always seem to want to glance back at.

This is my inspiration board. All these pictures and cards I love to look at. So I decided to set them out so I could see them all the time. Well,  I hope you have a fabulously feminine Friday!

Amy Jo


  1. I love your inspiration board! Oh, that gives me ideas :)
    You sound like me trying to find fall and winter clothes. I get my inspiration from the old Victoria Magazines. I love the Edwardian look ~
    I've been looking for a nice longer brown or black skirt, I know one of these days I'll find it!
    Good luck with your shopping!
    And I love that skirt from Target!


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