Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Brevard Zoo

On Tuesday we went to the zoo, they were having $2.00 Tuesdays for the month of September. I could not believe what their prices had gone up to, had it not been Tuesday we would have paid close to $20.00 a person! To get into a zoo that seems costly. Never the less we got in at a great price and here are a few of the pictures....

This is Levi, Rachel, and Colton.
This was our favorite part feeding all of the birds.
This bird flew onto Levi and decided to crawl up his back, he was freaking out a little.. I thought this was extremely funny... so all I could do was laugh.
This is a cucca barra, as far as I could tell he was not eating gum drops. LOL
This butterfly had just left its cocoon and had not even flown yet.
This little baby monkey was soooooo cute. His mother was sleeping and he just bounced around on her and watched all the people.
The petting zoo was last and they had these alpacas, they are like small Lamas. We just finished a book all about Lamas so it was really neat to get to pet them.

Amy Jo


  1. My daughter says: 'What a cute monkey! And parrot! And children, too bad they live so far away.'

  2. Looks like everyone had a great time at the zoo. I can't believe that they are charging almost $20.00 per person to get into a zoo, goodness! That's just ridiculous!

    Also, you are right, that monkey is very cute! :)


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