Sunday, July 31, 2011

Steinhatchee, A Florida Fishing Village

This weekend we went to Steinhatchee, Fl to do our annual scalloping trip. My parents have a place there and we always go through out the year for fishing, but during scallop season, my sister and I try to bring our entire families for a weekend. This year there were so many that My husband and I rented this little cottage, it is called "Jena Cottage"
Living room, it is an old cracker style cottage and it was completely lined with wood through out.
Tiny but efficient kitchen.
Master bedroom
Kids bedroom
This is my husbands boat and my little boy sitting on it while my husband parks the truck and trailer.
Happy Boy!
My brother-in-law and my niece Sophia.
Most of my sisters children, one is missing.
My dad on his boat, getting ready for the herd of kids!
My sisters other boy or should I say man LOL...
Finally on the boat and leaving out.
Dad's boat loaded and leaving...
Heading out into the ocean...

Bye, catch lots of scallops!
Justin turned 16 so we had a little cake for him...
A happy ending to the trip was cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday Justin! I hope ya'll had a weekend  as nice as mine...

Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo

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