Friday, July 29, 2011

Cottage Collection

I love cottages! I love the word and the pictures it creates in my mind, and I hope one day to have a true cottage! But until then I am content in collecting cottage things.... I have had these cottage pictures for quite sometime. The big one was in my office and the little ones were stuffed in a closet. I got them out a couple of days ago and decided to relocate them to the living room.
This one I picked up for $10.00 years ago,  it is the picture that started it all.  I never get tired of looking at it!
These little glass cottages I have found at thrift stores for a few dollars each...
I got this one at auction it is very old and has a handle.
This is the current book I am reading, so far it is a wonderful story, by Legh Richmond, M.A. You can get this book at if anyone is interested. It is a christian book that was first published in 1970. A cottage story about spreading the gospel....

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Amy Jo

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  1. I love your cottage collection ~ very sweet. I collect teapots and some of my favorites are ones that look like cottages or store fronts. :-)


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