Thursday, July 7, 2011

Health and Fitness

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to wrap a strap around ourselves and lose weight and get in shape! As the years have progressed we have learned more and more about our bodies and what they need, to be healthy. The problem is that most of us have already been abusing our bodies for a significant amount of time. But just because we have, does not mean we can not move forward and commit ourselves to trying to be healthy today.

This has been a real struggle for me over the years.. . A couple of years ago I found myself at 146 pounds and feeling terrible and no matter what diet I tried I could not seem to overcome the fat. At this point I went to a nutrition and fitness expert. She helped me immensely! The key was a high protein, lower carb diet. WITHOUT SUGAR!  That last one is key. I find it very difficult to stick with this. It can be done though, it is mind over matter. Finding that inner strength to say I want this, I need this! And, we do need to be healthy. God calls our bodies a temple. He made us and He wants the absolute best for us. When I think about excercise and the time it takes, I start to feel guilty. I could spend that time in studying God's word, or more time on homeschooling or office work for our business, etc.. the list goes on and on. But if we are not healthy we can not do any of those other things very well.

I have recommited myself to following a healthy eating plan. I have gained a few unwanted pounds and I need to get them off. BEFORE it becomes such a huge chore again. I am journaling everything I eat and drink  and any excercise I am doing. I will share in another post what my eating plan is and what type of excercise I am doing. And I will let you know my progress. So if you think about it pray for my success!

Until We Meet Again,
Amy Jo


  1. Thanks for this post Amy Jo. I have Lupus and my holistic dr. tells me to stay away from sugar in any form - even fruit! But since I love fruit, I have decided to cut out refined sugar only. It's hard though...sugar in is just about everything we eat! Praying for strength for you on this journey....


  2. Lisa,

    I will add you to my prayer list:) staying away from sugar is sooo hard. It is actually addicting. Honey, agave nectar, and sucanat are still sugar but you can use them in moderation. At least they have not been processed until there is no nutritional value left. I am glad you are going to a holistic dr. I go to one as well. I love their approach.
    May God Bless You,
    Amy Jo


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